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Booze coaches

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I have had flashbacks and killed many brain cells off on the Beardy bus....haha.


Carlisle a few seasons ago, when Chaddy the owl was on the bus with us and was later stretchered  out of the ground, after falling off the bike  pre-match...hahah...messy

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2 hours ago, TheBigDog said:


‘We don’t carry hammers,

we don’t carry lead,

we only carry ...’


The don’t chant ‘em like they used to... 👀

Hatchets to bury in your head. 

ah the good old days 


‘fusiliers, fusiliers we are the fusiliers’



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All you need is a walking stick

A hand grenade and a council brick

25 quid for all the lot

That is the end of... news flash


I`m a knock knee'd chicken, I`m a bow legged hen

I ain't had a scrap since I don't know when

I walk with a wiggle & I walk with a waggle

I am an Oldham.... boot boy

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