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  1. He's been there a few weeks now so they must be reasonably interested in him. I'll get an update from a family friend tomorrow. Apparently he received excellent coaching as an under 11.
  2. Pseudo intellectual troll. I don't think you're fooling anyone David.
  3. Hilarious. Johnsonesque. Spouting utter drivel but trying to give yourself credibility by bringing in Socrates. I'm picturing David Brent looking up Dosdievsky (I'm now picturing BCD looking up how to spell Dostoevsky and itching to tell me I've got it wrong.) As I believe Fyodor himself once said: "Barry Shitpeas, what a cunt".
  4. You made a bullshit statement. I called you out on it. Instead of doing what you said you could, you produce more waffle asking questions of me. This is the first season since the 70s that I've been in a position to buy a season ticket and chosen not too. A very reluctant decision based on the actions of the three clowns. Another fifty for you to find.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the hundreds of heresay accounts. Get your pointer out.
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