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  1. He went to strange lengths to try and show he wasn't wrong about Rowe, he's gone even weirder to try and dig himself out of the Jombatti racism hole he's dug himself into. He needs to put that spade away (if that's what he calls it).
  2. Or you could argue that they can play multiple matches in a week because it doesn't take as much out of them. I don't see footballers sitting down for a drink and a snack every five minutes. Top tennis players are superbly conditioned as are top footballers. They play very different sports.
  3. The award for the OWTB posters most likely to reproduce the four Yorkshiremen sketch goes to... Sportsmen at the elite level are conditioned for the demands of their sports. Add to that specific roles within team sports. You wouldn't play Messi at centre half. Backs and forwards in rugby have different requirements of strength and speed. To try and compare a non contact individual sport with a contact team sport is ludicrous. As for players being soft because they go down holding their face, they're trying to con the referee in order to try and gain an advantage. I hate it, but it's
  4. My partner has now had the vaccine so I've risked ordering a 5G phone. I'll just wear my tin foil hat while I use it.
  5. I used to go into Kearns of Waterfoot (textile mill) with work. It made Haslingden and Rawtenstall look positively cosmopolitan.
  6. We haven't seen him alongside Harry Clarke. I was disappointed with his contribution but don't confuse not meeting expectations with his actual level of performance.
  7. I would say the concensus is that he would improve the defence. I don't see this claim that there is hyperbole putting him up there amongst the greats. The fact is that neither the manager nor the fans have had the opportunity to find out and back up that opinion because of the fuckwits running our club.
  8. As is Lewis McKinney. He's keeping himself fit training at Salford. If we are struggling for quality youth products for the match day squad, I would definitely bring him back.
  9. I think he got injured on debut at Hull away. Might have been the match where Redders chipped the keeper from miles out. Huge away following giving the chubby keeper pelters.
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