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  1. Iacovitti bags for Ross County against Celtic. Should make Monty happy.
  2. I suppose it depends if the opposition set up differently home and away.
  3. In the land of bin dippers, binmen are looked upon in a more favourable light.
  4. HK achieving some success despite ALMO. Imagine how much better we could do if they didn't deny him Wheater.
  5. Why don't the BBC provide an option of a radio Bolton commentary?
  6. They're doing the pre match discussion during the match. Bloody awful.
  7. You sound like Robin off Ghosts. That lad knows his football.
  8. I'm looking forward to getting to away matches. This is my first season of not buying a season ticket to try and help remove our toxic regime. With fans allowed in, it'll feel like I'm properly boycotting.
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