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  1. Isn't that word order rather than pronunciation? With the in charge I'm in the dinghy of despondency
  2. I don't support Oldham bollards, I support Oldham Athletic.
  3. Really. It's not a Latics owl to start with, looks like Sheffield Wednesday`s.
  4. Callous to say the least and clearly understands fuck all about averages or the threat of variants.
  5. Be careful with generalisations. I hate everyone who makes generalisations (and Scousers).
  6. Presumably fans feeling that strongly will be boycotting. Good luck to him banning them.
  7. The two emojis are next to each other in the options.
  8. Kids mix far more in schools than out of them. Schools being closed will work towards reducing R.
  9. The majority of the unvaccinated are children. So you suggest that the option to protect them is to keep them inside and therefore away from school. Huge contradiction there.
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