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Playoffs 23/24

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the playoff fixtures look like this:

@MrPartyPants6 v @LaticsPete

@milnrow latics v @DavidCollinge

League One:

@alien v @hinchy

@oafcmad09 v @singe

The fixtures you'll be predicting are:
1st leg - Barnet v Solihull/Halifax - Saturday 27th April, 1730
2nd leg - Bromley v Altrincham - Sunday 28th April, 1600
You each need to submit predictions for the corresponding fixtures above (both legs).  This will be submitted in the old school style by posting your predictions in this thread (not to be submitted or edited after 10 mins before the first stated kick-off time).  You should include an attendance as part of your prediction.  Since Latics narrowly missed out on the playoffs, first scorer predictions will be for the first scorer of the game, not for a particular team as with Latics fixtures.
The winning players will then play off in a final, by predicting the outcome of the National League playoff final (Sunday 5th May, 1500), the winner of which will be promoted.


Predictions for all playoff fixtures are for the 90 mins, not extra time or penalties.
In the event of a draw in the final, the winner will be determined by the closest attendance prediction, then by total points scored in the playoffs, then by previous attendance predictions if still level.

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Ok assuming the attendance was 5,000 on the nose as I saw reported, the 2nd leg scores are more decisive (1st leg scores in brackets):



@MrPartyPants6 2-8 @LaticsPete (0-0)

@milnrow latics 3-1 @DavidCollinge (0-0)

League One:

@alien 3-2 @hinchy (3-0)

@oafcmad09 5-3 @singe (0-0)


As such the playoff finals will be:



@LaticsPete v @milnrow latics


League One:

@alien v @oafcmad09

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