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  1. That's the issue with the whole thing. It is a cumulative, but every single thing the club does results in an over reaction and ABDALLAH OUT comment. It makes reasonable conversations and scrutiny pointless. In the near future I am sure people like PTB or fans forums will get to ask questions, and people will waste the efforts submitting questions that slag the club on issues pathetic like this which aren't really issues. Shitty things like this make the whole question answer things pointless. Rather than holding the club to account for the major issues us as fans have to deal with, such as having a brand new stand closed which numerous fans had tickets for, why fans were allowed in this "unsafe" stand for the previous years, why the other areas we now have to attend in are in terrible condition and are unacceptable, and ultimately a terrible product on the pitch from players purchased by the board and a manager with the worst record of all the managers they've appointed. But I'm convinced people will want an answer to "why did we grass on Stevenage" instead.
  2. This is an extreme view for something kind of pointless and minor. Don't break the rules. Simple really. If the FA did their job correctly, it wouldn't have been postponed. If I remember correctly, they cancelled the game shortly before, so maybe we lost money on travel/hotels etc which could not be recovered. I know some fans did on trains. It doesn't take too long for us to send an email to the FA, to state that they didn't do the check correctly when Stevenage cancelled the game. I don't see the big fuss tbh.
  3. Azankpo isnt even making the bench...
  4. Agreed! However, when it comes to Latics things like this are rarely proven wrong unfortunately. Mostly because it would mean we have a good manager who wins things... I wasn't digging solely at your post by the way. I just saw the comment about "leaders in dressing room" and thought, we had some of those but they hated the manager and now aren't there. Then that turned into a rant, sorry!
  5. He has consistently picked players such as Zeus, Segbe, Iacovitti who have made so many errors that they can hardly be classed as "professional" footballers. Zeus is his "number 1" despite numerous fuck ups. He has 3 strikers available, and plays a weak midfielder as our furthest striker. He makes substitutes (when he finally bothers) which have no impact on the game ie Sylla for Jones at Stevenage which made us drop deeper against a team which were horrendous. He put Mccann and the big Salford lad on the bench on Saturday and brought neither on in a game crying out for some control and easing of pressure. He steamed about refereeing decisions in a game where the referee had little impact. Senior players, whether good for us or not, such as Morais, Jones and Eagles have all disappeared from the team, 2 of which because they showed dissatisfaction at the way he managed them. The guy instills no faith. He got 2 results last week picking the team 100% of fans could have chosen. It doesn't make him a genius. I think he is a very simple bully manager, with few tactical ideas. And I have no faith that "giving him time" will improve anything. Happy to be proven wrong, but he can go today for me.
  6. This is OWTB, someone could easily
  7. The mere thought would be enough to chain her legs shut legs tighter than a North Stand fire door.
  8. That's nice of them, would love to hear from them. I agree about the strategy. Even a note saying something along the lines of "as a loyal fan, we would love for you to share your experience with 2 friends" would have made sense. But nothing, just 2 tickets in an envelope. Just seems very weird. She will call the club today to make sure they weren't incorrectly sent to her though.
  9. My mum is a season ticket holder in RRE, and she bizarrely received 2 free tickets for the George Hill upper for Mansfield game through the post at the weekend without any explanation attached. It's a nice gesture I suppose, but it's just strange that the club would do this. Has anyone else received them and any idea as to why these tickets have been sent out? Especially given the fact that the George Hill upper now needs to deal with the North Stand ST holders, which could now become overcrowded? My current negative mindset to the stupid tactics employed by the clubs owners of recent time just makes me question is it a "improve attendance figures to make things seem rosy" idea or is it actually the start of some good will to try and encourage fans back to games that would otherwise be poor attendances?
  10. He will sign 2 more before window ends I imagine.
  11. If it was on the football pitch, thats all it ever is.
  12. We are in January, and we have scored 3 goals in a game once in the league this season. Maybe it's about time he changed his 1 up front system.
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