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  1. Wycombe away - 2012, 2-2 last minute Simpson penalty to basically ensure we stayed up. Pissed myself on the mini bus outside Tesco as I just didnt make it in time. Pompey away x 2 1-0 first game with montano/og, and then the 2-1 last year was an amazing show of how not to police a football match, like what I imagined football in 70s/80s was. Bury away - Collusso last minute, my first memory of an away game. Sheff Wednesday when Sheridan came out of retirement, bagged a penalty, and got us a point at the favourites whilst playing on one leg. Leyton orient away last game of season, Baxter nutmegging for fun, and a baby waving at the away end from the apartments on the corner of the stadium after chants of "baby baby give us a wave" One for @Lee Sinnott - Jesus died for Connor Brown to bag at Col U away! The list is endless, for all the moaning and the shit they do give us some great days out!
  2. We could burn it into the picth Sunday night?
  3. I thought Maoche was having a torrid time, gave away a few needless fouls in the first half when caught in possession also, and thats when he actually got close to being in the game. Just so happened they finally capitalised on it 2nd half. COG, Branger and Nepo also had stinkers imo, just none of their mistakes or lack of playing led to goals. Was definitely not a game where we "defended from the front". No real basis for this opinion but I cant see him starting Sylla, even though I agree with you that he should play. I think the only change may be Baxter for COG on Friday.
  4. I can pick the single moment our season ended... when Jack Byrne broke Fanes leg.
  5. Agree pretty much with that assessment. Missilou the only one in the first hour even getting close to their players, and the forward line did nothing to help move us up the pitch and keep hold of it. Maoche had a stinker, and Nepo and Branger didnt help out like they have in the last week by playing inside the field. Bennett was a huge problem for them, enjoyed watching him the first hour. That said, Swindon hit the post and won a soft penalty and scored from a stupid Latics mistake, but otherwise didnt create masses of chances. Baxter coming on with Sylla helped us dominate the middle of the park and look more lively, and Afolayans touch was fantastic (unlike COG) meaning we retained possession up the park. Weird game really as the last 20 minutes really made me think we deserved the points, but overall I think we should be lucky for the 1 point. The first hour showed just how poor some of our players can be (they dont shine so impressively when they are good tbh), and a reason why they are at this level, very incosistent. Happy with a point but we need to masively improve if we are to a) mount a final playoff push b) compete at all should we get there.
  6. My aim was not to be sexist. It was merely a request to see someone nice (in my opinion) with a top off, to counter the suffering we have had to endure in recent years. Whilst George has a lovely pair, I prefer female boobs.
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