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  1. My personal favourites from the last 25 years: 1. Neil Adams 2. Kieran Lee 3. Richie Wellens Wouldnt say they were our best 3, but those 3 really stand out as players I really looked forward to turning up to watch.
  2. Good price, they certainly picked up when Wellens went in last year. Will expect them to be up there.
  3. Very surprised we didnt stick a friendly with Rangers in the GE deal. A trip to Ibrox would have been a good start before FGR away for the fans.
  4. Ive no idea what the mutual termination is, but surely as a young player he was a sellable asset?! These sort of decisions are always bizarre to me. Sure there was some interest in January in him?
  5. Pretty sure he came on through the middle in that game, dropped in, ran at players and scared shit out of em. Then we did like we did with Lang and stuck him out wide. Wasted.
  6. Now we are talking, was wondering when the rumour mill would kick off. And the new season is officially off.
  7. Looks like they've got Tom Hamer aswell according to the photos
  8. Amazing people are arguing over if we have sold more season tickets that a historical non league club like Salford. All time low.
  9. To be fair to him, if Corney was still in charge, George would be at Rangers now and SC would be offering out the tube of pringles to the office staff that we received.
  10. He will be delighted you believe him more integral than AL and Macanthony...
  11. The majority of our signings under AL will not come from 75% of these clubs. Prem and Championship loans and free agents within England. The rest are going to be foreign. And lets face it, if we have players who are valued and wanted by clubs, they will just have to deal with AL to get them. Its a competitive market, and you have to be ruthless to get the best deals.
  12. I agree. I think GE wants the Rangers move anyway, and we have used Peterborough to pump the price up. Tough shit, the harsh reality of the game these days. Top level clubs do it all the time, as do players and agents. Games fucked
  13. Its ridiculous that Prem and now Championship clubs can poach the best youth players, offer them extortionate money, and then release them to drop to a league 1 or 2 level who then have to foot the bill as the young lads have become disillusioned with life as a pro footballer. Premier League clubs should be made to subsidise wages for xx amount of years after the player leaves if they are willing to offer these young players such amounts. It may reduce the amount of silly 10-15k a week contracts offered to Under 18s. On another note, I will also believe we have a new manager when we see him. I also couldnt care less if he doesnt show up.
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