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  1. I am not sure if youve watched recent games, but Smith has been one of our stand out performers. No way should he be replaced with Eagles who hasnt featured and definitely not with Branger coming back having not done much before getting injured. If Eagles and Branger are to come in it has to be for Maoche and Morais (suspended). Id personally go with Harry Bosch that 3-5-2 needs to be implements, as we are inexperienced defensively and have very poor defensive cover from midfield/wings. But at the same time, we need more options forward, as our transition from defence to attack is awful as we have no attacking full backs, and no one in midfield who carries us forward. Hate to say it but we need to resort to lumping it and getting around the strikers for scraps.
  2. I think he meant "descent" as in they will definitely help take us down.
  3. Kean Bryans career? Isnt he on the edge of the first team squad at Sheffield United? I would say he's not doin too bad for himself.
  4. Contracts handed to Sefil, Vera, Kokos, Gonzales who are absolutely nowhere near the first team squad now kinda of proves that. Im 100% implying that AL is laundering money through these players/agents and therefore imagine wages for those 4 alone are earning would cover your 11k. Amazing that their "plan" of investing in foreign potential has resulted in us having the worst squad in years, without so much as a sniff from any club to buy any of their signings!
  5. We also need a lot of players in all the other positions too!
  6. You weren't the first, and you won't be the last!
  7. I'm not saying he shouldn't have brought Adams on, I am all for giving the young kids a try. Im saying replacing our most senior player with our youngest player is ridiculous. Especially whilst leaving 2 players who had no influence on the game on in Maoche and Segbe.
  8. "Where he needs to be" is very subjective. For example, I believe he needs to be playing "football" in a much lower standard than ours (and ours is shite), or taking a career as a long distance runner, as granted he does run around a lot
  9. But he put Adams through the middle and then Segbe wide?!
  10. A gamble to take off one of our more senior players in Morais, and then bring on a kid whos never played to play with the silent Maoche and Segbe. Poor from the manager. Why on earth does Eagles not get on the pitch?!
  11. I believe in the games he has played, Rangers are yet to concede a goal. Shit though.
  12. Is Morgan not some sort of football agent these days?
  13. Sylla and Missilou should be played together. Missilou does very well to get box to box, albeit sometimes lacking the little quality in final third. Maoche should be dropped for a big striker or someone who can hold the ball up and get us forward and we need some sort of attacking help from our full backs, who offer next to no attacking threat. Expecting 2 wingers to supply a ball into the box to one small striker. Its embarrassing tactics.
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