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  1. Happily slag Abdallah off, but how on earth have you got to that!? The guys miles above League 2, and signed for a Championship club. Some serious delusion as to what sort of club people think we support.
  2. Im not quite sure how Sol leaving Macclesfield proves you saw him, however I do believe you.
  3. Wasnt he training with us last week? Barton will like DG I reckon, good League 1 squad player.
  4. I am almost positive that AL insists that Branger plays. Words to that effect I was told during Pete Wilds time as when Branger was injured Wild was able to pick the team without interference. I think the rest of the players (Nepo/Missilou) are mostly in and around the team for their "quality". For me Branger would be shipped out to the French 7th Division, the guy is supposed to be an attacking threat, how many assists and goals did he have last year?! However I think maybe Banide has only a decision between Mills and Nepo and chooses Mills for now...
  5. OWTB reaches new "arguing over a dream" levels
  6. I second that. Sefil and Vera are inevitably going to take the flak that the chiefs deserve. The fact they are now going to be 2 regular first team starters after not being close enough to making the squad last year shows how inept our signings and squad building is. They shouldn't be near this squad, and our "key" players like Branger and Maoche should be mere squad fillers for any team in this league looking to go up. Its shocking that the management doesn't see this, for whatever reason they have (ahem laundry) and in-fact offered these players extended deals on probably a fair whack of dough.
  7. Urko Vera is not a good player. The fact he doesn't stand out as anywhere near the worst player we have means we are in a lot of trouble.
  8. It's not an achievement to be better than COG was last year you know?
  9. I said at the time that he looked great, however I think with Clarke instead we don't concede that goal. Reason for that is because Wheater was not expecting their lad to glance into the box and peel off Missilou so easily so didn't get across. Clarke blocked most of that stuff last year knowing that the midfield lacked any bite. Once he realises (like Clarke did) that he's playing alongside pretty poor footballers he will become even better IMO.
  10. They just got beat off our reserves. Not sure why we would be arsed about their availability.
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