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  1. maximus1267

    Maidstone (A)

  2. maximus1267

    Maidstone (A)

    Their forum makes a very entertaining read lol I think they have us mixed up with Millwall or Leeds. Sounds like Maidstone fans better equip themselves with plenty of PPE. I hope our nasty northern flat cap wearing, whippet owning fans don't scare them too much !!!
  3. maximus1267

    Bunn Officially confirmed

    Imo it would be crazy to disrupt the camp now. I feel things are settling down and the players all seem committed to the cause and give the manager 100 % He's new to management really, the club was in turmoil when he took the job, he wants the best for the club, I believe that. We are touching distance off the play offs and not half way through the season yet. Things could be better but there are signs of the team improving, if the players and manager give their all like against Lincoln then what more can we ask, we are a league 2 club with league 2 players, they won't score every chance, they will make mistakes and they will have poor performances. But having a good camp and spirit with a good group of positive fans could compensate for that little bit of quality we lack. Keep Bunn, beat Maidstone and keep improving as a club. That is all I ask from them. We will never be a man city but that doesn't mean we can't make huge strides with some consistency on and off the pitch
  4. maximus1267

    Tranmere (A)

    This !!!!
  5. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Sounds like they know summat so.. Are they hoping after the articles the club will open up or can they say nothing in fear of being sued
  6. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Wot do you suggest I do then ? Firstly......I respect your opinion but I can assure you I'm not defeatist, I'm very much the opposite but I've learnt many times that you pick your fights wisely. Secondly..... as I have said on here in the past, long gone are my day of stressing over football, I love the club and have since around 1976 but there is pretty much nish, nada or feck all I can do about our current state. I am based almost 3 hours away in the middle of nowhere, I work a demanding shift system and on top of all that I can't get involved in much due to my profession. There are people past and present in and around the club and game that could maybe do or say something, but there is no point rocking the boat unless you are in a position to act and make positive changes or highlight wrong doings. We are just fans, I assure you they say we are fantastic, brilliant or whatever but that's it, as far as I see it. If you think you can do something to improve our fortunes or highlight the true facts of what has and is happening then my hat of to you. I can't sorry.
  7. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Don't think anyone is happy at all, people just have different ways of dealing with things. Football and latics has meant more to me at times than i should have let it, to the detriment of others. Just because some of us try to remain positive and hope that something good is about to happen doesn't mean we aren't hurting or angry about our situation. There are more people to blame than just AL for our position. I hate that we are where we are but there is nowt I can do. Let's hope a bit of media pressure may out some info we have been denied.
  8. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Well I agree so that's two of us
  9. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    This is spot on..... the articles say nothing new to us but there is a motive, agenda or a bit of bait dangling behind then imo. It's definitely a strange set of articles.
  10. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Friday nights, those were the days, my Friday night consists of watching the Sheffield derby in my man cave with a cup of tea whilst the misses paints her toe nails upstairs, how rock n roll is that !! Cmon AL give us summat to get excited about.
  11. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    I'm sure there is something to this otherwise its a total waste of the Chrons time. They must have a wiff of something, good or bad !!
  12. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    Yes I agree
  13. maximus1267

    Chron Articles

    I think the Chron is prodding hoping for a response or they have news of something within the club but are giving them the chance to speak first. Who knows but its a strange set of articles that says nothing really !!
  14. maximus1267

    Andy Rhodes???

    Congrats on the educated and intelligent response.
  15. maximus1267

    Andy Rhodes???

    Its a big wheel !!