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  1. maximus1267

    Carlisle United (H)

    I was on a sun lounger by the pool in Portugal for the Grimsby game with Ifollow on my tablet, I got some right looks every time shouted GET IN every time we scored. Hope you have the same issues !!! Annnnd then relax.
  2. maximus1267

    Carlisle United (H)

    I think tomorrow could see a couple of red cards and a nasty atmosphere. Speaking to Carlisle fans up here they are not happy with their club also and feel things should be much better than they are and have been of late, so if the game goes in our favour then you could see some emotion from the Cumbrians. Gerrard could be a little over the top and could be a catylist for some, lets say not so professional behaviour, couple this with a fired up Sheridan who could also become center of attention at some point. Then you have the news that came out yesterday and I think Boundary Park could be an entertaining place tomorrow, hopefully what goes on in a football sense will win and we will get a positive result. Gutted I can't be there due to work. Issues behind the scenes are not the fault of the players or management so Get behind the lads and hopefully I wont have to spend Saturday afternoon wanting to throttle any of my Carlisle supporting colleagues.
  3. maximus1267

    Carlisle United (H)

    Good post
  4. Ok pal alright Onto Saturday, let's hope they lift your morale
  5. We have started ok tho without being brilliant..... last night was a poor poor performance and a few of that team and management should be feeling bad after that you would hope.... On the up side we have drawn away at Swindon & Mansfield without conceding, so after playing so badly we got two points at grounds were many will faulter. Doom and gloom not needed just yet, really no need !!!
  6. Ok then obviously....... nowt to do with Surridge missing Cog & Miller totally useless together Poor tactics
  7. maximus1267

    Mansfield (a)

    The basics were very poor, I've seen more quality on Sundays!!! Bunn needs to learn from this performance and hopefully plays with more pace up top if surridge is out, he can't play Miller & COG together again, they offer nothing. I think Bunn expected they would hold the ball up more and bully defenders which they don't, it was painful to watch them. 442 just doesn't suit our squad imo
  8. maximus1267

    Mansfield (a)

    That was woeful...... I willl defend the Manager and team on most occasions if they warrant it but when you can't do the basics there is no defence. Poor performance, poor tactics and for me a lack of desire and will to win. A point is a point but you have to want more as a manager I would have thought. Very immobile up top which is ok if they hold the ball up and bring players into play but they didn't do that. Poor all round from management and players and I hope they know that and bounce back on Saturday
  9. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    Understand your frustration but I'm sure Baxter is being used for the reasons I explained until he is 100% ready. Until Baxter is ready Gardner is the best we have got, That's my opinion which could way off
  10. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    Some players are prone to niggles, that could just be the case with Surridge and not anybodys fault. I didn't say we were the fittest in the league I said Bun sees our fitness as a positive over the other teams in games, I have not made this up, he says this in his interviews and to me sounds like he wants us to tire teams out for the latter 3rd of the game for the likes of Baxter etc to make an impact. Just my opinion for what its worth
  11. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    I agree with you on this and understand your logic, your good or better players should be playing. But Just now Bunn obviously trusts more of Gardner in a midfield two starting the games. As he says in his interviews he is trying to use Baxters know how around the 60 minute mark once the opposition is tiring and more space develops on the pitch. For me Bunn sees our fitness as a positive over the rest of the league and he tries to utilise this in games later on and this is were he turns to Baxter. I don't know if Baxter is fully fit yet but maybe he just needs more time due to being out of the pro game and maybe Bunn or the player wants this tactic for now as it can be effective and maybe reduce the risk of him suffering injuries like Hamstring or Groin tears which would put him back even further. A midfield three could work better for him ( 352) so he can play more advanced and leave the hard dirty work to the other two deeper midfielders but have we the wing backs for this as I don't think Surridge should play up top on his own. In a 442 I feel Baxter is not ready if he used as a midfielder. I've only played amatuer level so know a bit but I work with an ex Prem striker who says when you have been out for a while its harder than people think to get back up to full fitness, especially if you've been out a while. So I would rather be careful with Baxter and not risk losing him through a bad injury. If this lad can stay fit and get fitter he could be a huge asset in the latter part of the season when one off games could mean the difference between promotion or play offs.
  12. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    Bloody hell !! you were all quick to spot that, I edited that within seconds LOL
  13. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    Too much to expect Surridge to be up top on his own and it would take a percentage off his game, this lad is scoring goals so don't change up top, he needs a partner to feed off and to do the dirty work, i.e COG. I would like to see 352 if we could rely on the wing backs, if not stick to 442 and stay solid whilst keeping two up top.
  14. maximus1267

    Swindon Town (A)

    Most managers would fancy Baxter at this level without doubt. Bunns team is hard working and closes teams down, works hard and the plan is to grind teams down and when they tire throw Baxter on when he might have a little more time and space to unlock defences with is clever play and quick movement of the ball, whether the players around him are on the same wavelength is another matter but I am sure that is the way Bunn wants to use Baxter. I would like to see him in a 3-5-2 with Gardner and Missilou sitting behind him in the central 3, COG and surridge up top. I am sure Edmundson and Hamer / Graham could play either side of Clarke as the back 3, its then a question of, are Lang, Dummingham, Hunt, Nepo and Branger wing back material. This is my only concern with this system. We are quite solid and currently we are in a good position after 10 games, does he change this to appease the fans and risk the wrath if it goes wrong or does he stick as we are and hope that we carry on grinding out points whilst remaining fairly hard to beat, stop making silly mistakes and be a little more clinical in front of goal. I think he will stick as we are as it is working just now, we are in a good position and in touching distance of the top teams who may drop away. Its not a sprint after all, and nothing is decided for a few months yet. Stay solid for me and keep picking up points, I don't care how we get out of this division as. long as we do asap