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  1. Double trouble definitely, not sure which one is really pulling the strings but i am beginning to think its not AL.
  2. I had an interesting chat today with my sisters husband who is Chairman of a non league club, I won't say who with, sorry. He has never had anything good to say about our Chairman and his ways of running a football club and management of people. Today he told me he had meeting with a former director of ours this week and after they concluded their business they discussed Latics. The ex director told my Bro-in law that AL's brother Mo is a big problem within the club, not a nice guy and and he is more or less running the club as AL is often out of the country, Mo spends most of his time here. He say's AL is a nicer fella than Mo ( I have spent one occasion in his company and I agree, Mo is quite aloof ) I know this isn't anything ground breaking but I find it interesting, maybe AL's problem is his own Brother, maybe AL doesn't interfere but his Brother does. AL should be stronger and control his brother if this is the case. This may be interesting, it may not but i thought i'd put it out there.
  3. May as well stick with Wild... he has been the only stable thing this season........ AL seems to get a tune out of him and the players seem to work for Wild. It's a gamble but so is any other manager coming in, only Wild appears to operate to AL's liking thus giving a chance of stability whilst the clown is still here.
  4. Good response... I was really talking about the club I grew up with from 1976. It has changed for the worse, sad to see. Feel sorry for the young fans who never got to experience the "glory days " like me. You never know though, things can change.
  5. Probably not a definition for it, more of a feel of it. I'll try to explain my twist of a family club. Run by people who care and have good values Respect history Respect the local area and those who reside there Respect the fans present and those sadly departed Understand what those fans who have been there along time expect and want from their club Understand that new generation and young fans will have grown up with family members who were also fans of the club and will have heard lots of good and bad stories from, Dads, Grandads, Uncles, Brothers etc.. Know that we know our limits and understand we want to be entertained, shown hard work by players and staff who give 100% Interaction with fans and the community Local people and fans working within the club To be not seen as an unrealistic money making project Keeping your identity and remaining real and grounded Promote friendly atmospheres where all feel safe and welcome Accepting the game has changed off the pitch and the gap is huge between the top clubs and the rest of us, but not letting this change us, hard graft, dedication and on field success can still bring good times. I would always say Everton had a more family feel than that of Liverpool and City over United but this is a different level now and to a galaxy apart from us. There are lots of clubs who are described this way, if you have been around football a while I am sure you know this. Is AL bothered about those things I list, no he is not, we are just a base for him, something he can use for his own means. As for "oft spouted cliché " It is much more than that, it describes the club I love and grew up with.
  6. Good post !! Scholes didn't bottle it, some people think that of people who quit or walk away from jobs. I see it as having strength and the will to have your own control on things. Scholes owed AL nothing and obviously thinks very little of him but he thinks alot of the club, most players and staff. I've walked away from many jobs and good ones at that, I faced criticism and ridicule over the years, I don't care what anybody thinks, they were my decisions to make. I knew Scholes would walk, AL had one chance with Scholes and blew it. He may not have been a great manager ( we won't know now ) but like Bunn had the club at heart and he would have had other ways of influencing things for next season. Shame
  7. We wait for him to implode, he will but only buy making his time here hell for him. He wants to feel like the next Messiah, he wants people to look up to him as something special. He is not right for our club, we have different values, we are a community and family club and always will be, this means nothing to this man and his entourage. He wants everyone at the club including us fans and Trust to bow down to him, he offers no communication other than the odd response to a media release, all he says is slowly slowly ?? I don't trust he has the right attitude, credentials and care for our club, I don't trust his true intentions anymore, I was willing to give him time but I no longer feel that way. He needs to learn quickly that the people of Oldham and the fans are no mugs, we are honest hard working people who expect the same back, enough is enough. He needs to be made to feel unwanted, the media are aware of him, the scholes debacle could be the best thing that has happened to us, I don't think the Scholes story is over yet and his month in charge may yet have some sort of bearing in the future. I can't and won't tell people what to do but I won't be setting foot in BP again under his tenure, I know my measly protest means nothing to him, very little is achieved by a few individuals but he would have to change his ways if he was getting, for instance only 1000 fans through the gates. Maybe we have to stifle him and stop any money coming in. I know this has all been discussed but I can't see any other way with this guy in charge. Hopefully the trust will have some ideas in place, we are all fans no matter if you are in the trust or not, we all have to come together to make AL see he has two options that we will accept, leave / sell or change for the good of the club !!
  8. We all have different opinions and without knowing the true facts regarding everything that has been said and done, most things on this board are hearsay, assumptions, made up, wrote to wind up certain individuals or Chinese whispers, the truth probably constitutes a tiny percentage of what is wrote on these matters behind the scenes. The rot started to set in after our relegation from the PL, we were a well respected club with the term family club always used to describe us. We have spiraled out of control ever since and we are not alone, lower league football is in trouble, the game has got too big for the majority of clubs and even those with long respected standings and histories are struggling to survive but things can change quickly in football, look at Bournemouth and how the tides have turned if you compare our two clubs. I can't see a bright future for us with this guy in charge, opinions on Scholes differ and have changed since his departure. He was in my opinion preparing to build a team for next year, I am sure of this. We have all wanted Frank Bunn & Andy Rhodes to speak out and spill the beans but they are not in the same position as Scholes. He didn't need the job, he wanted it but I had a feeling if the owner meddled Scholes would just quit. Difference is, he has been willing to spill some beans on the state of the club and the interference from the owner. Could Scholes have stayed longer and told AL to back off yes he could but he knows much more than any of us about what is really going on, Scholes isn't the bad guy here, AL is. I know people who think AL is a nut job and has no idea what he is doing or how to behave in business and more so in football ownership in this country. He needs yes men to work under him and that is how some bosses conduct their business in all walks of life. Scholes would not be a yes man to him. Pete Wild is different, he need some form of security, he won't rock the boat or it would mean his demise also. He does seem to get a tune out of the team but is he really in charge, I wonder !! Our club needs a strong character running the team affairs but this type of character will not last under the restrictions or behavior of AL. Pete Wild may get the job, but his job security will turn from secure to extremely high risk. He is a fan and you can see he cares, the difference for him now is, he would get a job elsewhere in football if it turns out bad for him here because he has become a known name this season so that is a plus for him. AL appears to be the bad egg in our club, evidence is now leading me to believe this after I was willing to give the guy time. Scholes like him or loathe him should have been stronger but he didn't need the hassle, weak or very clever of him to walk so soon, I don't know and I won't judge him. Football is a mess, I work with an ex Premier league player who in his peak was earning over £20K per week, he now earns less than me but he his happy out of the game, he hates football and the state of it now. He could have stayed in the game but chose to distance himself from it. People like AL are one of the reasons football is dying at lower level, a big time charlie way out of his depth and not willing to listen to good people around him, the once community and family club will no longer be that if he remains to act and run the club in his manner.
  9. We all said scholes wouldn't and doesn't need to take crap off AL..... well he walked and now he's talked.... Shameful by the owner...... Very sad to see what appears to be such a poisonous character in charge of our club.
  10. I've never had any real issues with it
  11. If I'm not logged in I follow mine says that, other issues can be having it On multiple tablets phones etc.... Silly question have you paid your £10....
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