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  1. There's lots of players since the premier league that we could make a good team out of..... Pogliacomi Grant Armstrong Lee Wjanyard ( apols for spelling ) Liddel Sinnot Andrews Stephens Stam Eyers Shez Fitz All of those were decent players.
  2. BP has also been a great stepping stone for some also who have had fantastic careers..... with every negative there is also a positive, unless we are only allowed to look at the most recent times.
  3. The lad can score and he is a handful......should have signed him when Carlisle went for him.
  4. If they are back from Morocco or it will be the youths.
  5. Maybe or maybe AL is just treating the players to a week in the sun
  6. It it will only be youth team First team were supposed to play Ashton Utd on 16th but cancelled due them going to Morroco.
  7. Not bothered who plays.... only going for free food and beer lol
  8. Severe lack of consistency and off the field chaos by those who supposedly have the best interest of the club in their hands have meant our season has been stop and start all season. Bunn should never have been sacked, I am sure we would have been at least play offs. Scholes, no comment. Wild has been great stepping in but he is scared to lose, his main concern seems to be keeping a clean sheet, that's all well and good but it won't get you promoted any time soon. A forward threat with goals is the best way to win games and we have players capable of doing this. We take one step forward and then two steps back, we will beat Newport guaranteed !! Disappointing season on and off the pitch. Fans deserve better. Al and Bro, you better get a plan sorted for next season and quick because things need to change. If you can't take us forward at least show us some respect and tell us, and then put the club up for sale and do one !!!
  9. Double trouble definitely, not sure which one is really pulling the strings but i am beginning to think its not AL.
  10. I had an interesting chat today with my sisters husband who is Chairman of a non league club, I won't say who with, sorry. He has never had anything good to say about our Chairman and his ways of running a football club and management of people. Today he told me he had meeting with a former director of ours this week and after they concluded their business they discussed Latics. The ex director told my Bro-in law that AL's brother Mo is a big problem within the club, not a nice guy and and he is more or less running the club as AL is often out of the country, Mo spends most of his time here. He say's AL is a nicer fella than Mo ( I have spent one occasion in his company and I agree, Mo is quite aloof ) I know this isn't anything ground breaking but I find it interesting, maybe AL's problem is his own Brother, maybe AL doesn't interfere but his Brother does. AL should be stronger and control his brother if this is the case. This may be interesting, it may not but i thought i'd put it out there.
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