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  1. I've never had any real issues with it
  2. If I'm not logged in I follow mine says that, other issues can be having it On multiple tablets phones etc.... Silly question have you paid your £10....
  3. Yes I would agree but fancied listening today lol What a tool that fella is
  4. Did anyone listen to talk sport at 16:30, Adrian Durham and Matt Holland. Durham absolutely slated scholes and really put us down as a club. Probably all for a reaction which he has got on Twitter. My blood was boiling listening to him.
  5. If United wernt playing psg it would be a full house.
  6. You lot will be in bother with this amount of positivity. Its like being back in 1990.
  7. Some on here will hammer you for saying 1 on the bounce never mind 10 !!.
  8. Nothing in football lasts long these days. I don't know how old you are or how long you have watched latics. I have watched since 1976, Others longer than me. Other than the Royle era and the odd cup upset its been pretty pants. If you weren't witness to the Royle era i can tell you it was fantastic. I feel for the younger fan and sort of understand were you are coming from. So onto now, any chance of something big, we should grasp because it might be a long time before something similar comes along, if ever. If it doesn't work, so what, at least we gave it a shot.
  9. Why respond to these posters. A few are just out to get a response. Quite boring to be honest !!
  10. FA approve Beckham Salford stake according to BBC 1hr ago..... Maybe things Could Still happen
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