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  1. Imagine this, Rivalry and epic league and cup games with with Leeds, City, Blackburn, United, Everton, Sheff Wed, Bolton, Arsenal, Villa and West Ham to name a few. Boundary Park packed to the rafters, great atmospheres, great away days, great players semi finals and a cup final. I am 48 and this does not seem that long ago to me although it is. I started going in the mid 70s with my Dad & Uncles etc and we were Div 1 ( Championshiop ), we had low crowds and we were just survivng season after season at that level. Then came the 80s and a MR J ROYLE, things changed and the fun started. You asked " What was it like " It was the most exhilarating trip of my life, hard for anyone who wasn't there to understand.
  2. I couldn't put a verse together just now, lost for words
  3. Very sad to see, no skill, no desire, no fight, no threat & NO MORE EXCUSES RUBBISH from the top down
  4. Bolton supporting mate gutted..... proper old school centre half..... chin like a ski jump too..... Just get a goal scorer in now !!!
  5. Give it 3 weeks and they will be throwing people In !!!
  6. It will be a long season without goalscorers. It will be a long tough season without goalscorers and central defenders. I don't know where we are at, I am a little confused with the whole set up but we still have time to bring in more players. I would be amazed if more forwards and defenders don't arrive. What can we do but hope those making decisions see it as we non experts do !!
  7. Stand by my post a few days back. Each to their own but in my opinion a very very poor footballer. Now he may get away with it more in a strong team, but we are not that so a poor team as we have been for a while can not afford such a player.
  8. Awkward player who gave the opposition problems but not as many problems as he gave his team, one of the worst footballers I've seen, gave the ball away after winning it and was totally reckless in the tackle. Not fit to clean Peter Clarke's boots
  9. There's lots of players since the premier league that we could make a good team out of..... Pogliacomi Grant Armstrong Lee Wjanyard ( apols for spelling ) Liddel Sinnot Andrews Stephens Stam Eyers Shez Fitz All of those were decent players.
  10. BP has also been a great stepping stone for some also who have had fantastic careers..... with every negative there is also a positive, unless we are only allowed to look at the most recent times.
  11. The lad can score and he is a handful......should have signed him when Carlisle went for him.
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