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  1. This protest is based on ignorance.So by not putting money in the club you are helping the club how?How many false rumours have you made into fact?.How many of you know what it takes to run a football club-I'd say none.You are not supporting the club by not going.So you are not supporters. This club is starting to turn round,If you don't want to be part of it,then stay at home but don't drag good supporters into it. I know it makes you feel important but the bigotry on this board is beyond belief.
  2. Good,let's bring some positive,intelligent fans in during the transfer window.Idiots out!
  3. According to the Urban dictionary.An Egert is a viking like hunk,who plays in a heavy metal band,drinks a lot of beer and farts a lot.
  4. Every team in league two is surprisingly full of league two players.I guess we'll soon find out who's got the best ones.
  5. There has been a lot of crap happening at this club for years and a lot of bad decisions and lots of things leaked into the media and by all accounts some poor staff.Al as had a big clearout of course most of those sacked are going to say bad things against him but isn't this sour grapes.I don't see many fans saying too many nice things about Brassbank or Mike Keegan either.OK Al has made mistakes but he definitely wants success for this club.So I for one will give him a chance.Some fans decided they didn't like him from the start and will never give him a chance no matter what he does.This so far anonymous FLG are yet to convince me of anything as so far as their true value and ownership as not yet come to the fore.
  6. I take it you know everything about this situation,so that's why you decide that AL is in the wrong.You must have inside information from a reliable source.I don't think so. It seems to me that this fans group haven't got that much money and maybe are now overcharging the footballing club(just guessing-like everyone else)
  7. I agree but that's providing they are genuine fans of the club and not money grabbers.Their anonymity so far doesn't convince me.
  8. Yes.I was well impressed with the battling qualities against older players in the 2nd half particularly.We passed the ball around confidently from the back.Some good prospects there.
  9. So what 'facts' do you know about the chairman's behaviour? I suspect most of it is hearsay or crap made up about people who have some kinda grind against the club.Sure mistakes have been made and the powers that be accept that.We are playing well at the moment and that is what matters.s
  10. If you don't want to put money into the football club then that is up to you but don't come on here acting as though you are some kind of hero because you are not.When the going get s tough the weak f*** off.Either back the club or leave it too the proper fans.
  11. We have a lot of bell-ends as so called fans,who think they know how to run a football club but really have no idea.It is easy to winge about something you know nothing about but the probability is you would be a lot worse.
  12. Do you still think the same.It was a brilliant trip.Looks like you missed out.I guess that's what happens when you have the wrong attitude.
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