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  1. because they are half wits.Personally I applaud my team and I'm a full wit.
  2. He is under contract with us till the end of next season.
  3. I have been on the pitch just after the postponement and apart from a couple of small hard patches which would have been sorted by K.O. time the pitch was fine.It was the referees decision only quoting Health & Safety,well I guess it was his own safety because apparently the players and management were happy to play it.Apparently the referee quoted he didn't want the Morecambe fans travelling?????????.Wildy wasn't happy-this would have been his last game in charge.
  4. The defence was OK at MK it was midfielders who cost us the penalties.
  5. Why wouldn't he want to work with the foreign legion as you call it.
  6. So you prefer to make it up rather than wait for the truth.
  7. And this board isn't a circus.There are some clowns on here.
  8. Boycott matches.Oh that will really help.Sometimes things have to be kept quiet until the right moment.Unfortunately a lot of Latics fans do not possess any patience so they start rumours which don't help anybody-stop listening to gossip-most of it is made up.
  9. I wasn't impressed with MK at all(after all they didn't score from open play).I actually thought they were there for the taking but I think we started off showing them far too much respect as we did against the likes of Forest Green and Mansfield and set out as we have done before to contain them for 60 mins and then I guess have a go but when we had to try to get back in the game we had too many tired bodies and a lack of mobility up front.I thought we did OK at times and created some chances but our shooting was not good.I thought our build up play was slow and we did not get enough players in the box or any good crosses in especially when we should have been having a real go.e.g near the end we had 2 players in the box marked by 5 MK players,waiting for a cross yet we had 4 players on the half way line worried that their one lad up front would break away and score.We need to stop playing with so much fear and take a few more attacking risks.
  10. I suspect he was referring to referees rather than any interference from the owner.I know there are plenty on here want to blame the owner for everything but I don't think last nights performance was as a result of any team selection from the owner. I do however think that Wild is told not to play certain other fit players because of maybe disciplinary or other reasons e.g.Duffus,Hunt,Coke.
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