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  1. So what 'facts' do you know about the chairman's behaviour? I suspect most of it is hearsay or crap made up about people who have some kinda grind against the club.Sure mistakes have been made and the powers that be accept that.We are playing well at the moment and that is what matters.s
  2. If you don't want to put money into the football club then that is up to you but don't come on here acting as though you are some kind of hero because you are not.When the going get s tough the weak f*** off.Either back the club or leave it too the proper fans.
  3. We have a lot of bell-ends as so called fans,who think they know how to run a football club but really have no idea.It is easy to winge about something you know nothing about but the probability is you would be a lot worse.
  4. Do you still think the same.It was a brilliant trip.Looks like you missed out.I guess that's what happens when you have the wrong attitude.
  5. because they are half wits.Personally I applaud my team and I'm a full wit.
  6. He is under contract with us till the end of next season.
  7. I have been on the pitch just after the postponement and apart from a couple of small hard patches which would have been sorted by K.O. time the pitch was fine.It was the referees decision only quoting Health & Safety,well I guess it was his own safety because apparently the players and management were happy to play it.Apparently the referee quoted he didn't want the Morecambe fans travelling?????????.Wildy wasn't happy-this would have been his last game in charge.
  8. The defence was OK at MK it was midfielders who cost us the penalties.
  9. Why wouldn't he want to work with the foreign legion as you call it.
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