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  1. Wasn’t there a strong rumour AL went into the dressing room after the previous home game, which we’d drawn and played quite well (Exeter was it?) and really tore strips off the players in front of Bunn, undermining him and the whole team in the process?
  2. Excellent response from the Trust methinks. *Shite fobby-offy one from AL.
  3. Have we had a home match on sky since the NS was built/finished?
  4. Well then he’s stupid. Fans have turned because of his actions and inactions. Therefore his bank balance is plummeting. *Also, he ‘didn’t know what he was buying’.
  5. And that’s why they sought advice on a ‘no response’ in advance of knowing there was no response. Now they know, now they can strategise with the options they have pre-sought. And bearing in mind the current on-pitch situation.
  6. How on earth did you come to either of those conclusions from that post?!
  7. You might be disappointed, but be honest... nobody expected him to reply. He is not the type of character to be held to account by anyone. Especially the all-important (pesky) fan.
  8. Yep. We won’t be renewing if there’s been no response. It shows disdain towards the Trust and a disrespect for the fans. We actually did renew our STs then asked for (and got) a refund after the whole Scholes palaver. We still have a season ticket for the rest of this season, although we haven’t gone since Scholes left (because of all the shit about what was going on behind the scenes couldn’t be ignored any longer - not because we liked Scholes). We’re doing Cheltenham and Exeter away. If we get to the play offs, we’d be stupid not to go. But after that, we’re still stuck with a shithead owner, and whatever the outcome, next season will still be a shit-show overseen by a shithead. So we’re unlikely to renew either way. If he responds in a convincing way, however....
  9. Why is he involved then? It sure as fuck isn’t to have a successful football club.
  10. Nah. That’d be giving the fan the v’s. The questions came from the fan.
  11. I think ‘fuck off for judging people’ is about right, given ‘some of us will boycott and some of us will continue attending’. We’re not judging those who are continuing to attend, even though we disagree with their stance.
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