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  1. Totally agree. There should be further sanctions here. You can’t just decide to not play a game. Seriously, what the actual fuck?! They shouldn’t have been able to start the season - and that decision was down to the EFL alone (as you say, they’ve been treated differently than Bury - sleeping ‘giant’ effect I suspect). If they do manage to get this takeover, new owner whacks some money in and seriously strengthens the squad, how is that equitable for their subsequent opponents, when the first few they have played they’ve played with a load of kids?
  2. Part time coach, full time streamer... 😂
  3. Probably because our fans hate. No matter what / who / why! Edit: No point attracting the hatred ‘just in case’ plan x is executed?
  4. AL: You’re fired. You’re fired. You’re fired. AL: You’re hired even though you’re shit. Trust: WTF is going on? AL: 😶 Trust: honestly, we demand to know what’s going on. Or else... AL: Everything’s fine. Corney was a bad egg but we’ll sort everything ner bother. Trust: 😀 AL: You’re fired. You’re fired. You’re fired. AL: You’re hired even though you’re shit. Trust: 😶 FLG: This is bollocks. We have a clown owner who is going to take us into liquidation and a stand that could earn money sitting there earning fuck all. We have a bit of money, passion, and business acumen. Let’s buy it and see whether we can look at making money for the club / look at owning the ground so the home of Latics is safeguarded. AL: 😤 FLG: AL, can we look at the contracts. They’re pretty much the same as you’ve paid before - but 4% more, but we’ll guarantee you more income from matchdays. AL: 😶 ........... AL: These FLG guys are holding the club to ransom. Not gonna say why, like..... FLG: Hi? AL: 😶 ............ AL: And anyway, you’ve been charging us £100k and it should’ve been £1. We’ve ‘just’ found some paperwork..... Turns out our due diligence was slightly flawed. And that’s why we’ve decided not to pay you for the last few months 🤪. Oh, we’ll get our lawyer to write to you to find out wtf is going on because we have no idea how to run a piss up in a brewery. FLG: 🙄🐂💩 AL: Hi, I’m New Fan. Hi, I’m John Newbury. I just happen to have come into some knowledge and thought I’d make my first comments on OAFC using this new knowledge.... Trust: This is fine 🐕☕️🔥
  5. “On the balance” of probabilities, based on current available evidence, and what I know as FACT on each side, FLG FTW.
  6. Or accept that times have changed, and sometimes women and men share the breadwinning and homemaking according to their skills rather than a culturally outdated idea of gender roles....😊
  7. Same situation here. I went grafting all day. Came home and tea was ready and he’d even done a load of washing. Matriarchy.
  8. Knowing him, more likely his arm, a wine glass, or a kitchen cupboard.
  9. Do sound businessmen pay £100k rent when they’re sure their lease requires only £1?
  10. And stop quoting him (not you Glossop)!
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