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  1. maddog

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    It’d be nice if Andy could buy into the ‘fresh start’.
  2. maddog

    New Zealand based fans

    Could be my friend or her mum, who is out there visiting her other daughter who lives in Christchurch?
  3. I have this hoodie, albeit in a much bigger size. It's very very warm - perfect for ISZ!
  4. Maybe they should pose some questions to us then? Seems like they're going about it arse about tit, especially since we have no idea why they could possibly want to engage with us?
  5. 😂 A simple ‘minus’ would’ve sufficed, Simon.
  6. Is that plus or minus the several million made from sales and cup runs? Oh, and selling sell-on clauses?
  7. maddog

    Urko Vera

    Tandle Hills?
  8. maddog

    Doncaster (A)

    But what does Billy actually do?! 😉
  9. maddog

    The Plan?

    FFS Andy. Why don’t you just ask him if he wants to get a room?
  10. maddog

    New Manager Thread

    Don’t. Carry on posting your views. I agree with most of what you’ve posted. Not everyone will. But that’s ok!
  11. No! There’s a Supporter liaison officer for that!
  12. Peevish! It was fucking amazing - you missed the most exciting and pride-swelling match in 25 years. Good 😆.