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  1. Yeah. Gutted we couldn’t do the Thursday. And the one home gets into Manchester a bit late for us when we’re up at 6 for work on Tuesday. Do it 😁
  2. With our flight times, in reality, we have Saturday to do stuff in Agadir, and Sunday is match day. Fin.
  3. We’ve booked it for about £700 for 2 of us.
  4. Likes the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he?
  5. Or how a £20 one is no better than £4.15 Tesco shiz. Or maybe that’s just me 😊
  6. I actually honestly don’t things can get any more embarrassing than they already are. It’s like how -15 C doesn’t feel any colder than -2 C. #numb
  7. ❓ I agree with your points about Latics, how things are going and the outlook for the future. But they’re clearly not trying to intimidate you - they’re just saying you’re repetitive, pessimistic and boring. 🤷‍♀️
  8. There are a few issues I have with your post, but the bit I’ve quoted, what the fuck sort of attitude is that to have? This is a good example of why discrimination laws are needed.
  9. I hate it when people come out with these wanky, disrespectful comments. Yeah, loads of people trashing a place that’s already poor is going to help. Being flippant? Not funny.
  10. Certainly not a wife. I love it when @jorvik_latic works away 😊.
  11. So the fans group could bring about a winding up order if the bills aren’t paid? 🤔
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