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  1. I am lucky enough to have seen Johnstone, Groves and Stainrod in the pre Joe Royle era. Each so talented but as has been said earlier when Grovesy got the ball there was an extra buzz in the crowd. One of the best games I saw him play was at a league cup match (I think it was) at Hull when Billy Bremner managed them. I think he might have been playing to get away as it was rumoured there was a falling out. Anyway although we lost, he was virtually unplayable. Looking back, for me that 73/74 promotion season is up there with 89/90. Forward line McVitie, Garwood Lochead and Groves. Imagine that now. Its such a shame he died so young fantastic player, humble bloke. (Apologies if memory not totally reliable)
  2. It's not an obsession but it suggests he knows what he is talking about and will be able to communicate his ideas clearly to the players.
  3. An intelligent articulate interview from RW showing a realistic vision for the future, already backed up with two wins on the trot. It has to be Wellens.
  4. I remember a friendly in about 1967 against a swiss team FC Thun I think it was. It was in the Ken Bates era and Latics had recently signed John Collins who was reputed to be paid £50 for every goal he scored. I think Latics won the game 6-0, all goals scored by Collins but the £50 per goal did not apply to friendlies. Also vaguely remember a friendly agains Sofia Select Bulgaria in the Bobby Johnstone era. I think Latics won 3-2. NB my recollection of the details may not be 100% accurate
  5. Very sad news. The passing of a true gentleman and legendary Latic. Solid hard as nails player. As manager took us from bottom of the old fourth division to the second division (championship) in under 4 years and kept us there. Signed Alan Groves and many other top players. I agree with the comments above that some form of permanent memorial of him and his achievements is deserved and appropriate. RIP Sir Jimmy and sincere condolences to your family.
  6. All the above, (especially Warren Feeney) plus Mike Bernard (permanently injured) Neil Tolson "one for the future" John Sleewhenowek (not sure on the spelling) Jimmy Frizz also signed striker David Irving who seemed a decent player but was hardly ever picked
  7. Great post. "Without hope there is no point being a supporter". This sums up the position perfectly.
  8. Ancient history 1. Bobby Johnstone. It is such a great shame there was no video back then. It is impossible to describe adequately his skill. Overweight, unfit, probably a few pints before the game but still in a completely different class to the rest of the players back then. 2. Ian Marshall 3. Simon Stainrod More recently Eyres Shez Gregan
  9. If my memory serves me right In season 1970-71 Latics were promoted from Division 4 to Division 3 and also won the Ford Sporting League. They had won it every month of the season and I think the final prize was £70000 on top of anything already paid. That money funded the building of the Ford Stand by George Dew and it was ready for the start of season 1971-72. This is from memory and as I am getting on a bit now I stand to be corrected on the details
  10. well I have tried to "catch up". It does not answer the questions other than it is a potential vehicle for raising money. Whether it be the Trust or an independent supporters association when people are asked to put their money where their mouth is there will be a deafening silence.
  11. Barry can't do right for doing wrong for some people. Would any of his critics specify: 1. What he does not do that he should? 2. What he does do that he shouldn't? 3. What difference it makes to the situation the club is in either way? 4. What difference it makes to the average fan either way? 5. What exactly is he supposed or expected to do? If the answer to 5 is "represent the fans' interests" what does that mean in practical terms? Unless there is a clear understanding of what he is supposed to do then levelling criticism of "self interested" "more for the board than the fans" etc. is meaningless. I genuinely do not have enough understanding of his role to make an objective judgement but instinctively I feel he comes in for a lot of unjustified stick
  12. as with players if you are good enough you are old enough. the best managers at latics in my time were Frizz and Joe - both first timers. They would both agree that since their day the gap between rich and poor in football has grown massively such that clubs at the lower end have to make do and mend with loans. LJ has a tougher job than they did I think but his attitude gives grounds for optimism.
  13. thanks for the reports. really cheered me up. great effort by all concerned
  14. Where sammy lee is concerned yes. He blew it at Bolton. In any case I cannot imagine he is being seriously considered. If he is well prepare for the local derby with Rochdale next season
  15. Lee maybe a good coach but he would be a disaster as manager and I do not think for one minute SC would be foolish enough to appoint him. Remember Brian Kidd was an excellent no. 2 but failed as Blackburn manager
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