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  1. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/january/16012020-rowe-signing/?fbclid=IwAR3nVDqxwzufDkQ_tUQvO0QwtkvpQ8ErA5Bv7UhhsEKr4BIzpHJQJpMAtJs signed
  2. May as well appoint himself, its clear who is picking the team
  3. Ha, thats no statement Real statement reads Scholes resigned due to Abdallah the Clown being a total fuckwit
  4. Why can't I renew all 5 of our tickets online, I can only add mine to the basket Last year I could renew all the tickets online (the ones that are in my network) Hope this is sorted soon as this is how I have to renew Sorted - Had to readd all the accounts to my account
  5. Offically GONE https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/december/27122018-frankie-bunn/
  6. I go for XXL in Nike and Adidas Shirts and the XXL Sondico kits from last year fit the same on me. I do like my tops loose fitting though
  7. How much are they in the club shop? Are they the same price as online? I bought 3 home tops online yesterday, can wait for the standard delivery Not sure on the away one as I recon it will turn grey quite quickly in our house
  8. I started ringing at 9am, took me until 10.45 to get through. Managed to get 4 tickets with 14 left at that time Call counter shows almost 500 attempts before I got ours
  9. So how have we managed to sign a player on loan when the window is shut?
  10. Cheers, Not sure yet, its for the wife, trying to get her to come with me and the boys Already have season tickets ourselves
  11. Can you pay on the day tomorrow to get into the North Stand?
  12. Probably right, but with squad numbers it doesn't mean anything.
  13. Maybe he didn't want the number 1 jersey. My lad plays in goal and always asks for the number 13 on his team kits
  14. Did enough to show he can be the first choice if needs be. Maybe Cardiff would only sanction a 6 month deal, unless he really isn't the first choice
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