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  1. Nice to see a home win, looking at form on Flash scores we are 3rd on away form but 20th at home. If we keep this run going and they can gain confidence we actually could finish higher than 17th
  2. Depends how they do the letters on 2 but it just looks like they would peel off one by one. Feel like we shouldn't need the club name if the badge is so recognisable.
  3. Reading his fag packet, waiting for butler to get subbed on
  4. I'm glad its not just me getting annoyed by that haha. We do look tired now so hope we can hold it together.
  5. Watching the highlights I don't think we will get that many easy chances in a game as teams tighten up. But it is refreshing to actually see us finishing them for a change.
  6. Article naming us (as usual) as possibly not surviving the season without help: https://fanbanter.co.uk/efl-consider-bank-loan-to-help-six-clubs-survive-the-new-season/
  7. Faceache etc are full of rubbish, adverts and the passion doesn't seem to be there, this is the only site I check everyday! So thanks. We may all argue and moan at each other but thanks to this site I can vent and feel a little better even in the awful times our club and the world are going through.
  8. This is how I've found my self watcging more American football for the last few years, the worst team gets the 1st pick in the draft to try and keep the competition year on year. Football got to a point decade's ago where the rich get richer, are more appealing to the billionaire's to invest and the bad/hard done by team just drift away to irrelevance. This cap need to be across ALL division to make it work or the Premier league and now Championship will drift further away again.
  9. Bring in players "we" want speak volumes, but atleast they aren't hiding the fact it isn't just down to the manager.
  10. On the BBC now Harry Kewell: Oldham Athletic name ex-Liverpool & Leeds United winger as new boss - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53622749 Edit: The official actually got it out first this time https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/august/31072020-harry-kewell-new-head-coach/ Club needs stability drew a smile and a chuckle tbh
  11. Omg, there is nothing AL does that makes we want to support him. I was tempted to buy the shirts this year but I can't give a penny to this man in good conscience.
  12. Just finished watching the "Four year plan" documentary based on QPR ownership om their way to the prem, the early day interference and its impact....feels like we are in year two looking at the similarities. Obviously we are no where near the financial level but it was interesting to see the change in the club when the interference stops and they stepped back and let the football people do their jobs. Here is hoping we can eventually turn a corner aswell but I'm just finding straws to clutch now.
  13. Also living in Worcester now and from what I can gather the RU, basketball and Hockey teams are well funded and are on the rise. Where as the football team has been fighting with the council for land to build a stadium on since the last ground was demolished for housing (don't know why without digging into it, so they may never have owned it) Around the time Lee Hughes (the same) was there manager they got in financial issues and had no ground so they elected to be relegated down further in the leagues to avoid alot more financial fines etc. So not too dissimilar to oth
  14. I saw the same and thought it was Scholes-beard but click the profile and its Paul Scholes coach haha
  15. I'm not a season ticket holder and try get to games when I can. But it seems like not only a well thought out plan but incentives to bring in more support.
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