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  1. Over the years there’s been several players the club has cashed in on whom have never even got to first team level but have made the club money.A 12 yr old was sold to Liverpool just a couple of months ago which has paid for running the new development group.Emmerson has just been selected for England u17,hardly doing nothing considering he’s 16 and tipped for a bright future.A decent sell on could potentially be a God send for a club in our position.
  2. Zak Emmerson called to play for England U17,s.
  3. Agree,Dino seemed like a decent chap but was sick of the style of play.We might not better off in terms of position but at least we’re entertaining to watch!
  4. Best keepers I’ve seen not in lower league footy,Goram a million miles ahead of anyone.Honorable mentions Gerrard,Gorton and Hallworth.
  5. Gary Kelly,Les Pogliacomi definitely the two that stand out for me on permanent contracts.Lee Grant,Paul Rachubka both impressed on loan that I recall.
  6. We always wanted to play downhill 2nd half attacking the Chaddy ever since I stayed going mid eighties!My grandad always said it sloped!
  7. Said the same a while back about Sutton,he’s a big lad who’ll win the majority of headers.Can’t do any worse.
  8. Thanks,he should be starting then.Lawlor hasn’t been great and if Clarke starts our defence is stronger in theory meaning the keeper has less to do.
  9. Dean Holden played right back or occasionally centre half,would look like a world beater compared to our current lot!
  10. Are both our keepers on loan?If not play the one who isn’t and get Clarke into the defence.If they both are then drop one from the squad altogether and have a youth keeper as sub.
  11. He’d walk into our current midfield that’s for sure!
  12. Was happy last week with our business,Rowe was in and out anyway and we’ve got Adams,Hillsner and Barnes in plus extending Clarke’s loan.I expected a defender in more than another attacking midfielder,but let’s see how it goes.Diarra and Clarke have oddly enough performed well together,maybe that’s the partnership to shore up our defence,clutching at straws!
  13. I guess that’s on him,I thought he was a championship level keeper at worst whilst with us,he’s obviously settled into second fiddle mode.Shame.
  14. I struggled with that today largely because you entered a football debate with someone who openly admitted they’d watched 3 games all season!Its pretty obvious when Bahamboula is singled out for conceding possession regularly that the person in question hasn’t a scooby about the football team!In fairness there was some decent chat but if you question the young lads interviews on the official site for irrelevant questions then you’ve surely gotta end the footy chat there when he’s not been watching regularly enough to form a balanced opinion?Anyhow Matt look forward to next weeks pod,just my 2
  15. Noticed Vera scored this weekend,just to let you know!
  16. I guarantee that Edmondson will have a better career than Rowe,poor example.
  17. I presume we’ll get a post on here every time Rowe scores.He wasn’t a starter for us,was a high earner and would’ve left for nothing in 4 months time.We’ve now got Hillsner,Adams and the recently vanished but promising Barnes in with the cash raised,no brainer really!
  18. Holden wasn’t just a drop a shoulder cross it winger,he wasn’t known as tricky Ricky for nothing!His final ball was sublime but he could definitely beat a man and regularly did.Groves was before my time,my Dad saw both and goes with Ricky just as he performed at a higher level.Harry Redknapp puts Groves up there with anyone he’s played with or managed so he was obviously a hell of a player.
  19. He’s the first player in years who I’ve enjoyed watching,always wants the ball and goes forward with it more often than not making opponents look daft.If you don’t enjoy watching this fella I’d say you’ve been watching too much premier league and not enough league 2!
  20. Based on Andy Williams bagging against us again tonight led me to thinking about strikers who always seemed to score against us.Andy Payton and David White come to mind immediately.
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