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  1. From Sky Sports News. Swindon's reaction to their new signing lol
  2. Wondered why the team was celebrating throw ins in front of us last season
  3. Ooops sorry my bad........thought he was a loanee ...............as you were
  4. Not a massive difference in the two of them, Coleman for me, not least that he is our own player.
  5. If a certain Director is involved, then we're probably looking for someone involved in a ripe case, than a dried up fruitful player. Allegedly. Allegedly. Allegedly.
  6. One of The Great Houses of Westoros. The Stark Family Motto 'WINTER IS COMING'
  7. source lol http://www.ladybird.co.uk/age-and-stage/school/phonics/
  8. What about the remaining 10%? In football it's always about giving 110%
  9. My source Kaye Sarah Cerrar (Cousin twice removed from the Gents toilets) tells me what will be will be and thinks the future is not ours to see!
  10. He tied up 2 opposition players in every game he played, thing is I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing at our level, We didn't seem to exploit the space that should have created.........verdict I'm not sure how I feel about him going but I would be happy for him to stay!
  11. The one on the right looks like one of those computer generated players that from fm
  12. From what I know of it .........It might help his goal celebration 'love ins' more I'd have him back in a heartbeat and I think cheat is the wrong word................unless it is used in a sense that he his cheating himself out of the achievements is sublime talents should bring!
  13. Lee 'Tel' Johnson will be getting document envy lol .............When we play 'massive club' Barnsley in the coming season, 'Tel' will no doubt be stood on a 1000 page plan (incorporating job applications)
  14. His drink problem was probably not being able to reach the bar
  15. Could barely hear the interview on Latics HD Player because of that 'one guy' they've got working on the new stand is a right noisy :censored:er! ..................He may have been trying to, "get this sleeping giant awakened again"
  16. Thank you and good luck to county too getting back where you belong
  17. We need a back to goal forward player, who brings others into the attack and links play................. Hopefully this is he. Good luck Jake
  18. A simple tweeted thank you, shouldn't be too much to expect #BP1960Legend #onlyjoking:)
  19. Ed Balls up front (coming in from the left of course) to nod in Crofts shots
  20. I've just watched his Latics Player interview ....that chippy had better come with plan B lol He looks positively skinny and fit
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