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  1. http://owtb.trustoldham.co.uk/ Predictions posted here now, BP. I was also confused. Full info here: https://twitter.com/OWTB_Prediction/status/1303039679860797440/photo/1
  2. Is it permanent, then? I don't disagree by the way - I'm just out of the loop with all things football atm so trying to understand the timing.
  3. Is this a temporary measure because of the financial impact of COVID?
  4. With the polls opening in a matter of hours, I just thought I’d bump the worst shout I’ve ever seen on OWTB...
  5. Very recent polls showing 5 point swing from Lib to Labour, we’re on...
  6. Nothing but the upmost respect for the 4 lads who have got this off the ground. Please don't let Abdallah's sneering little shills, who can't seem to differentiate between the football club we all love and its majority shareholder, get you down. Keep fighting the good fight and very best of luck
  7. Fans fault we’re shit, lolz. Straight out of the Barry Owen handbook that one.
  8. Somebody commented saying something along the lines of it being a load of tosh and we will struggle like Wrexham to ever get back into the league structure if we’re relegated, the OP responded that we should count our blessings because Bury FC might not exist very soon. He seemed very serious.
  9. This kind of shit is posted on a daily basis. Anybody who dares to criticise the owner is banned and has all their posts deleted.
  10. I don’t disagree with the overall premise of your post, but Maouche and Desire are 26...
  11. I genuinely feel for the players, it needs to be made clear that we don’t blame them. The vitriol should be aimed at the owners running us into the ground,
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