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Yes but only as a back up keeper to somebody younger, perhaps also offer him a coaching role aswell


Exactly - Norm has done fantastic for us this year.. and would have been a great combination if Pogs would have stayed fit...


Another year is more than fine with me... but with a young, fit and capable keeper along with him....

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Official SMS text...Crossley wants to play on for another year.


New contract...Yes or No???

I'd say yes. After the blip to the start of the season, I actually feel comfortable with him in goal. We'd need a decent second choice in case he gets injured (or should that be when) and a youngster who he could coach and improve.

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He's already a goalkeeping coach as well.


Definitely give him another contract.



I've been one of his biggest critics and although i'm repeating myself since he returned from injury in November, the Donny FAC game apart he has been a steadying influence and contributed to our defensive record. He's also been the only real experienced voice on the pitch for most of the season and that has proved invaluable. The 3 games he has been out we have missed him and there is no way he would have conceded that goal vs Millwall. For me he gets another year and possibly someone like O'Donell gets a season loan to keep him on his toes and continue his development. The Millwall goal apart he's done ok for a kid.

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