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Drummer Boy is wanted!

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Turfed out my stand, now am told that god forsaken drum is moving to the only stand left with decent seats remaining. Just stay where you are please!


I suppose I can move into the empty Chaddy now.

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Where is our very own Buddy 'Rich' Wardlelatic? I can't believe you are keeping your drumming history quiet Rick? :D



No one believes me Pete when I tell them me and you played Drums at Wembley before a football International - Played solo's on the drums and Percussion at the Royal Albert Hall and many other venues to boot :wink:

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I think he's wanted for a drum-off against the Blackburn drummer with edhunteruk as the judge. :grin:


Or they're giving him two seats to accommodate his drum at the Masters. :devilish:

oh dear....lol


the clubs timing is lousy aint it,wait until people rush in great numbers to the rre,then announce the drum new home,hahahahaaa,

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