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Eardley Captain Again

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What with all the excitement of 4-0 drubbing of Hereford and signing of Brett Ormerod, let's not forget our own internatonal Neil Eardley as he tries to lead his Welsh team to a surprising victory over England.


Setanta Sports One.


Not a good start for the Welsh. Sorry Eards - but I am supporting England.

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Good game to watch on a Tuesday night, Eardley has done ok so far, one good block and a few tackles.


That keeper isn't up to much, how did we not fill our boots against him?

Sheridan asked the same question and has answered today - to answer some on t'other post as to why we have signed another striker....Nail and head!!

Anyway back to the topic.................................... :wink:

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Wales unlucky not to go into extra time.

Eardley did well and injury free.


Went to Villa Park last night. Eardley had a much better game than in the first leg, although he was way out of position for England's second goal. England were very fortunate to scrape through, with Wales wasting several good openings created towards the end.


The last time I had been to Villa Park was in 1995 to see Brazil play Sweden in a friendly as part of the stadium's preparations for Euro '96. It is very impressive how the architecture of the old stadium has been preserved and the new stands built is similar style. We were in the Holte End, where there was an impressive massive mural commemorating Villa's European Cup victory. The picture of manager Tony Barton and captain Dennis Mortimer was flanked by two pennants listing the venue, date and Villa team, and the whole thing was hand-painted.



I reckon that's the sort of thing the new Wembley shoud have instead of plastic panels - nearly £800,000,000 my arse!


Along the entire width of the upper tier at the far end of the Stadium was a narrow banner containing the words of the commentary as Peter Withe score the European Cup winning goal.



Perhaps the new BP could have a similar extract from Stuart Pike's commentary on the Champinship winning game against Sheffield Wednesday.

Instead of 'spoiling the ship for a happorth of tar', as at most grounds, the usual rough breeze block interior of the concourse had been painted in a claret and blue speckled paint to give it a smooth finish. It was interesting to compare Latics catering kiosks, with the arty-farty facility offered to Villa fans.



I know what the reaction of Latics fans would be to baguette du monde!

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