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He was average at best. Wouln't have solved any of our problems by signing him.


Think you share my thoughts on young Tom.


He was very average. Just ran about a lot, but didn't affect games when he did, merely covered ground. He played his best 2 games for us at RB, at Liverpool and Huddersfield. He had to involved, couldn't merely run about a bit, he had to put in challenges and stay positionally disciplined - and he did. Those 2 games made me change my view on him from 'lower league career at best' to 'he might have a chance of Championship' but only as a RB.


Nothing against the lad & I hope he does well. I just don't see him being the answer to any of our playing issues.

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If only some of our current crop had his work ethic to go with their talent. No player in a Latics shirt will ever get criticised by me if they give 100% effort every time they step over the touch line. For all his other faults pointed out on here, some if not all of which I happen to agree with, young Tom did just that. He certainly could never be accused of lack of effort...

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