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Interesting times ahead......Get behind the boss!

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Interesting times ahead then for Latics, its going to be a busy week leading up to the Forest match and January is always interesting for the comings and goings.


Lets hope there is a few coming in with maybe Baxter, Wabara and Derbyshire being the main players wanted.


However its seems what ever happens now PD is the boss, the backroom staff will change and hopefully be in place for Forest but PD is staying.


Time to get behind him and the boys then..... I know those travelling tomorrow will do and everybody at Forest (including myself) will do as the away support is top notch but we need to do constantly from now on.


This is not a call to arms to get yourselves down to Boundary Park but if you do go consistantly ....or even once in a while lets try and create a better atmosphere and try to turn things around on and off the pitch.

We can all bitch, moan and vent on here afterwards but try and kep it positive in the confines of Boundary Park (not easy I know) :scarf001::crackpot: but i clearly does affect the players (i dont think it should but it seems too)


the atmosphere has been :censored: for along time anyway, especially at home matches, but a change is as good as a rest so lets get the atmosphere up, back the manager, the new staff and most importantly the players on match days by doing our part. The ground is :censored: and football is unpredicatble but the day is what you make of it.


2013 - a better year, our year? lets hope so





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