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Sounds as though we don't want him up front with Matt Smith. Neither of them competent with their feet but both very useful with their heads.


"Rarely uses his feet, but effective in the air at flicking the ball on for the supporting striker. This is his only real asset."


Barnard or Taylor off him then it seems.

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New start, might do him good to get away from that sort of crowd. lets give him a chance, if he nets tomorrow im sure there must be something that rhymes with Iwelumo. ..... Sumo......anything else?


Iv'e seen him named Emu.

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Been told tonight that he's on £6k a week, all paid by latics. No pressure there then!!!!



This site never ceases to amaze me with the :censored: that is talked!


Where would £6k per week for 1 player possibly come from when the owner was a few hours from sacking the manager?


Jesus wept!

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I work witha Watford fan , this is what he said:



Big Chris, erm yeah. Unfortunately for him he joined last season and as the squad was so small he was having to play with an injury (looked like his legs were gone).

Towards the end of the season he did start winning over the fans with his effort and did look much better, but never really looks like he is going to score.

If you have got a young squad though I’m sure he will help out as he definitely doesn’t shy away from things and could be good to have around.


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