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Port Vale [Pre and Post-Match Reaction]

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No cutting edge, again.


Same old story.


Wonder where we'll be after playing Peterborough and Wolves, not massively optimistic about picking up any points against them.

Worryingly no, I'm not either. Unless something amazing happens in the window this month, we will struggle to. Having said that Worrall and Harkins both threatened today, give them games. Who knows ...

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Our strikers are inadequate but there are no goals throughout the team. Pretty football with no end product. It is about the 5th consecutive season we have struggled to score goals with different managers and players. Why?


We can't afford a quality striker?

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In a relegation battle with kids & players who have little or no experience in this league.

I'm not one for knee jerking or criticism but a big change is needed somewhere & I'm convinced it has to be an experienced number 2 to work with LJ not against him


I just can not see 4 sides finishing below latics & that ain't because of quality but lack of know how to get over the line in games come end of the season

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Best not to say anything too critical and be labelled a doomsayer , no doubt the regular comments of it will click shortly etc will appear shortly.


FIVE points off the bottom of the table after 26 games.

Goals becoming as rare as goal dust.

First choice striker at the start of the season , not even getting off the bench today.

Can't keep clean sheets.


The previous manager would have been torn to pieces for this scenario.

Never mind Hull City's name change ......Soft Touch Athletic suits us right now ....


We await the latest positive words from the club to the media ......yawn

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LJ needs to stop playing philly out wide.

when they went 1 up who thought we would equalize. erm not me.

thank luck most other results went our way.

less tippy tappy more chances please.

and yes we will probably win against borough or wolves.lol

and we will stay up

am I allowed to say KTF or will mr mike get upset.

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