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Am I the only person on here whose talked about it a lot recently? If you are that sad read all my posts and let me know the percentage.


Pretty sure I signed up before we tried for Evans but I couldn't care less.

Ok then. Montano can't come back because his employer found him guilty of gross misconduct on the balance of probability. Evans can't come here because of reactions to the fact that he committed rape as found beyond reasonable doubt.


As you were.

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If i got entrapped by a journalist and caught on video claiming to be stealing drugs from the hospital, I'd get sacked, and I wouldn't get my job back by saying "ah I was only saying it to impress him", even if the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence that I actually did it.


Montano brought the club into disrepute by claiming to have tried to deliberately get booked, whether he was lying about it or not. And he had glass hamstrings and was only any good for 1 game in 5. And he once missed a game injured with a 'grass cut'. No great loss.

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Amazing how many again wish to jump on the Barry card over Mr Montano now. I never saw one post on here defend him after seeing that interview.


Montano can do what he likes, he said what he said that cannot be disputed, If he was lying, tough :censored:.

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I cant believe what I am reading on this subject, Montano bragged on camera how he tried to get booked, how he ran round kicking people!


The club including Barry were 100% accurate in sacking him, I don't care what the police say he is on film confessing to the whole thing.

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