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Toy & food bank appeal

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Dear all


I know it's a bit of doom and gloom at the moment but there is always someone else worse off than us latics fans. So in conjunction with the party in the park promotion at the Millwall match on sat 12th dec, there is also a donate a toy/food bank promotion too. Here is the news bulletin from the trust webpage to explain more. Thanks for you time and of course for any donations too.


This season, in association with the club, we are running a Toy Appeal and Food Bank donation.

In December, Oldham Athletic first-team squad, staff, Trust Oldham and mascot Chaddy the Owl are going to the Royal Oldham Hospital to visit children who are not fortunate enough to spend the festive period at home.

We are also asking that fans help us in making a donation to the Oldham Foodbank, and we will be joining the club at Tescos Westwood store to promote and help raise awareness for the Oldham Foodbank initiative.

They are asking everyone going Christmas shopping to buy an extra present or food item and drop it off at one of the official drop off points.

Official Drop Off Points for Toys and Food Donations:

Non match days:

Oldham Athletic main reception/ticket office

Match days:

· Boundary Blues tuck shops located in the TLH Auctioneers Stand.

· Laticszone 12.30pm 2.15pm (Saturdays only)

· With any Happy to Help representative.

· The Trust Oldham van located outside the club shop v Millwall 12th December

For food items please stick to dried goods and tins/cans and packets.

Toys and gifts are needed for boys and girls aged 0/16 years. Please bring them unwrapped so they can be sorted into the appropriate age and gender categories. It will also test the players and managements wrapping skills as they are being drafted in to help.

Trust Oldhams Chairwoman, Diane Mellor said, Both the food and toy appeal are worthy causes that I know Latics supporters always make a significant contribution to. As a Trust we want to make this year the best year so far, so I would ask all fans to give generously.

Latics commercial manager and supporter liaison officer, Jenny Warburton, is co-ordinating the appeal Last years hospital visit was wonderfully chaotic as there was so many presents. It is so overwhelming to see the amazing job undertaken by the staff on the Childrens ward especially at this time of year and we want to do everything we can to help them give these children and their families the best possible Christmas.

I know it means a lot to the players to be able to give a little bit of Christmas cheer to the kids. My thanks goes out to Trust Oldham and the Oldham Athletic Community Trust for their involvement also.

Please ensure that gifts are received by 12pm on Monday, December 14 to give us enough time to organise the gifts before the visit. Anything that will help to give these children a better Christmas would be greatly appreciated.

The players will visit the hospital and hand out the presents a week before Christmas.

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Bah humbug to you all....well that's how I am feeling too


But if you can rustle up some Xmas spirit for this Saturday Festive day match, maybe a tin of something or a toy, then please bring to the van that will be parked up on the car park at the North Stand


Thanks everyone

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This is something that we can do as fans and part of the town that the football can't ruin. Dig some tins out of the cupboard, buy a toy or some basics when you go shopping and bring them along. It's still going to be colder and :censored:tier over Christmas for some people than for us poor bastards so let's make a small difference.

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Will pass the message on, Underdog. It's a refreshing change to have the club as a pin for the community amongst all the negativity and all the politics of blame and hijinks sourounding us lately.

In fairness the Community Trust does a great job.


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We will have some bucket collections for folk who aren't carrying a slab of baked beans with them, funds raised will be split between toys and food. Anyone who wants to lend will be appreciated, we'll be at the collection points (old and new club shops) from about 1.45. Simon Brooke has pledged to buy a pint for every helper.


OK he hasn't, but you never know.

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I donated two crates Of selection boxes but it took us the 5th attempt to hand them. Over as the stewards didn't have a clue on on sheepfoot lane wtf was going on neither did those at the latics zone or at the main entrance luckily some one appeared back to the van on sheepfoot lane and we could hand them over but it felt like a lot of effort next time I'll take them straight to the food bank on Lord street

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