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  1. Any team below us in the league has been the norm for about the last ten seasons
  2. Him and Benteke up front fuck me !!!
  3. Easy to forget the 2 seasons when Gerrard helped up stay up though isn’t it.
  4. Iron on badge looks nasty and likely to cost £60 as more or less the same as Rangers
  5. It’ll probably get started but never finished.
  6. I’d say more off a kerb that’s been lowered to allow you to park on your drive
  7. That 2nd half was on a par with Northampton away last season no issue with losing but at least give it a go.
  8. Has anyone from the club replied to the Trust letter yet ?.
  9. Dan Gardner having a pop on Twitter now doesn’t sound like he’s been paid.
  10. Let’s just sit back and do nothing then
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