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  1. yarddogs

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    I see Tops Off or Top On whatever he calls himself now missed his first game since 2013 last night according to Twitter and has now been banned by the club for all home games , it’s been coming for a while now.
  2. yarddogs


    Shame we didn’t earlier in the season 👍
  3. I’d rather spend 50 years in League 1 than another second in League 2
  4. I lost interest as soon as he said he’s not bothered if we don’t go up.
  5. yarddogs

    MK (A)

    O’grady should be starting as well
  6. Interesting listen 11 mins from end on his time at Oldham refers to fans as cockroaches and living in the past.
  7. yarddogs

    New Manager Thread

    He spent the first half jogging from left to right in the centre circle second half he looked a better player still would prefer Fane playing in the middle as he breaks play up better than Ya Ya
  8. yarddogs

    Sonhy Sefil

    Well that ain’t going to happen here AL prefers playing our best crosser of the ball at left back
  9. yarddogs

    Doncaster (A)

    Season ticket holders get first dibs deal with it.
  10. yarddogs

    Doncaster (A)

    Wash your mouth
  11. yarddogs


    Comfort zone after signing new contract at Bournemouth my guess.