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  1. You get the impression she’s spinning about 20 plates at the moment
  2. I think you memory is going Big Les played in the City game
  3. Last season I had to get the next size up so a XL Sondico would be a XXL Hummel
  4. It’s the guy on Twitter he’s very rarely wrong with his tweets are you aware of Chuckle bad mouthing you ?
  5. No rent paid to Mr Blitz April to July apparently
  6. Billy Quarmby made redundant by Wigan (it’s going to be a long summer )
  7. The way he was treated by the club when he left is still bitter for me not to mention loaning him back to Bury the season we went down.
  8. Saw the OEC taking delivery of fire doors yesterday so hopefully will be back in stand next week
  9. Come on he was at fault in the build up to the penalty at Macc
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