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  1. Fans meeting was in March still no answers from that , September tomorrow is it any wonder people don’t trust ‘The Trust’.
  2. I’ve joined the Trust towards the end of last season didn’t realise if you had a season ticket you were already a member so that’s £10 i’ll never see again.I won’t be renewing as seen very little action from the Trust.
  3. Still waiting for answers from the Trust from the fans meeting last season, the Trust have been very quite recently.
  4. Did anyone else see the woman on the pitch wearing the club training kit giving the wanker sign back at the fans yesterday?
  5. That’s why he isn’t joining us 👍
  6. Dads just been down to get his car park season pass but the club aren’t issuing them even though they are ready doesn’t sound good!
  7. Walked back out after 5 minutes during halftime
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