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  1. Think that night was the first time we wore that Bovis tangerine kit an all.
  2. I watched a documentary about Chester City on YouTube last night (rock and roll innit). It's called 'An American dream' and well worth a watch. It's from their '99 relegation season and there are similarities in the apparent egomaniacal of their then owner and ours. Scary.
  3. The worst of it will kick in tomorrow I reckon
  4. We could conceivably make the play-offs. How the fuck, I don't know.
  5. Wow. I'm sure someone has got in here before me, but, without reading the rest of the thread, wow.
  6. Strange cat, that fella. Wouldn't surprise me
  7. Bollocks. Corney is still a cunt. Even more so as it looks like he sold to another cunt.
  8. Wouldn't have made a difference. I wanted Scholes to work... I still think it would've. This confirms, whoever is in, is going to have to put up with shit. Scholes just didn't have to... Most appointments will.
  9. No-one's even mentioned that's it's not Burberry yet.
  10. No-one's even mentioned that's it's not Burberry yet.
  11. Scholes would want to fuck off he read some of the shit on here. He's a brave man taking on the job with nothing to prove.
  12. He said soon after that he was in the stands hoping Oldham hang on. Sure it was in 90 minutes or WSC around the time. Just signed terms with United.
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