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  1. If they've broken you mate, there are going to be more. I'm just waiting for all this to blow over and I'll be back.
  2. And they've not come back since; despite what would've once been considered massive news. Speaks volumes.
  3. Sacked 4 hours ago and not even 4 full pages on here discussing it. That speaks volumes.
  4. It's funny. Well passed caring. Surely we must be looking at some kind of record for managers in a short space of time/under one owner. We're a shambles, no doubt.
  5. Surely they're going ensure a minimal loss of revenue by playing long distance fixtures in the first few weeks.
  6. Surely if we get to Wembley, it'll mean that things have improved? (even if it's LDV Tinpot Cup). I'm calling bollocks either way. Fair enough if you don't want to hand over money to him... No point in not doing aways and FA Cup final visits.
  7. Can you help me out, please? Usually on the ball with these but it seems to have passed me by.
  8. Yes. It's not got boring though. Keep letting us know whenever you get the opportunity. Cheers.
  9. Not again. We already did that for 15 years previous.
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