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  1. No-one's even mentioned that's it's not Burberry yet.
  2. No-one's even mentioned that's it's not Burberry yet.
  3. Scholes would want to fuck off he read some of the shit on here. He's a brave man taking on the job with nothing to prove.
  4. He said soon after that he was in the stands hoping Oldham hang on. Sure it was in 90 minutes or WSC around the time. Just signed terms with United.
  5. They'll give us more. That total allocation wouldn't fill the MRE?
  6. OWTB's West's benchmark. Not mine. Aye... The bald lad has a sweet technique.
  7. Least they got some spends! £400 6 ways is a decent number of pints.
  8. Anyone seen them at Colchester on a Tuesday night?
  9. Surely this was the final stumbling block. Hard to believe that everything else hasn't been sorted. That was painful enough.
  10. Saw us win 3-1 there many moons ago. Got a mate in Cambridge so two birds one stone for me.
  11. What;s that Twitter link say for those of us on work computers that blocks the link...?
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