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  1. That was sad. Saw him getting rid of all his memorabilia on Facebook. Surely not all to do with the Twitter goings-on?
  2. As much as I liked Wild and appreciated the job he did, I didn't think he'd get another managers job as high up the chain as he did. Certainly didn't expect him to start as well as he has. Kept an eye out for Halifax results and long may it continue... Would be a great away if nothing else. As for Shez... It's a shame. Legend. He'll get another job in the football league in the non-too-distant no doubt.
  3. Had a little break in the Peak District near Chesterfield recently. Got talking to a bloke who said that Shez had to take the Chesterfield job as he owed a few quid to the Chairman who also happens to own the casino near the ground. Not gone well either way.
  4. Gave a tab to an old bloke in outside the River Head in Marsden. Got talking and it turns out he was George Sievwright. Played for us alongside Jimmy Frizz in the early 60's. Told me 3 times that he used to say to opposition forwards... "If you do that again, you'll end up over the road". The opposition replied "why, what's over the road". "The fucking hospital" George would reply in a stern Scottish accent. Definitely a different era... Got the impression that time hadn't been overly kind to George or his finances. Was a nice bloke though and seemed appreciative that there was an Oldham fan over the wrong side of the hills who was genuinely interested in his tales.
  5. He was good in his last few games for us... Not great before. Still better than what we've got.
  6. A new site away from BP is the only thing that would make us a viable option for anyone wanting success with the club. Fuck all left and if we did have fan ownership, realistically, we'd do well to stay at the level we're at. Can't believe there weren't more buyers wanting to take us over after Moore given the land that has slowly been taken away from the club.
  7. The alert than I'd had a response raised my expectations an all 😉
  8. Anyone with spares I'll meet you in Bradford and pay face... Need two and would rather pay £40 than £50 (obvs).
  9. Usually cans an all as there's nothing on tap.
  10. If anyone has got two for tomorrow, I'll take them for face. Decided tonight I'll probably go and realised it's £25 on the gate!
  11. Fuck them. I'm taking a conscious hiatus. I'll probably do 2 homes this year and 8 or so aways. It's still 'my' club.
  12. Could turn into another 100 pager this one.
  13. Haven't had a Season Ticket for 3 years and am unlikely to be paying £24 in regularly. On occasions, I struggled to give my ST away when I didn't attend matches. Just thought a dedicated thread might help ST holders get a tenner for unused tickets and cheapskates, such as myself, attend a few more games. If there are tickets going, I'm sure there'd be interest from non-regular attendees. Could also be used for away spares.
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