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  1. All eggs seem to be in one basket. No one's ever took a punt previously and he's only here because he was cheap and getting on. I'm cautiously optimistic but I can't imagine he had many better offers.
  2. How much do people reckon we've spent? I think 75k (complete guess).
  3. Overrated for me but doesn't make you cool to pretend you haven't at least heard of them.
  4. You could almost be led to believe that Blitz/Corney couldn't believe their luck when a 'fall guy' came to take the reigns and the inevitable shitstorm that went with it. A deal they made with absolutely no risk given the land is still theirs. Absolutely nothing to lose.
  5. Someone give me a shout when all this is over.
  6. Top day. Rowdy sing song in the back garden of a pub in the sunshine after too.
  7. And Shezza was still mint post millennium (I think?).
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