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  1. Initially thought the same but a quick scan of Facebook confirms their fans were pissed off he was released. Said he was class but Slade thought he could get better. Don't know nowt about him but looks a decent signing on paper.
  2. That was the first game I heard of Abdallah.
  3. Anyone else... Proper salt into the wounds game. Genuinely embarrassing.
  4. You'll have to pick a less ambiguous username next time.
  5. We'll only have to win two on the bounce until people are talking about it being the best football in years and team morale looking good.
  6. At least he knows, and is assumedly onboard, with the craic. I think we'll comfortably finish between 12th and 22nd.
  7. He used to post on here an all...
  8. Absolutely. This board has been read and it wreaks of appeasement. IF the 'plan' worked, fair play. It is just words though and reads as an attempt to buy as much time as possible. In fairness, Corney got 10/15 years until there any ere serious rumblings (from the majority). On the face of it, it seems like Abdallah has taken on as much of a burden. People aren't going to be as patient this time.
  9. That's what I assumed. It looks as though this board has been read and all bases have attempted to be covered. 'Give us another year and we'll come back to you then'. It's a polished statement, like the others.
  10. I'd we'd have looked at appointing Sol a year ago, I'd have thought it was a laughable appointment. A year later and a good job done at Macc, it's probably a bit of a coup (in terms of where we're at). He's a bit of an oddball but we could do worse.
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