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  1. Spurs 4 Latics 1 1993 The game before the escape. My Dad and I went to loads of away games that season, for some reason I remember Dad trying to park in a tiny space and us laughing that it didn’t matter if we bashed the cars either side because they belonged to southerners! Then being so depressed on the way home..... oh yea of little faith Aston Villa 0 latics 1 THE greatest day of my life. We live in Birmingham and I fucking hate Villa
  2. I watched it on line , thank you Tracy and co for putting the meeting on . Please don’t get stressed about , everyone has different view and can shout either on line or at a meeting but you have stood up to the plate and done something , good luck to you.
  3. Can’t come to the meeting, sorry, but I will be there in spirit . Let’s hold the 🤡 to account .
  4. Looks like a moody album cover from the mid 80s with Sue Perkins glasses!
  5. One would think that Scholes would not have taken the job if he couldn’t have the final say!
  6. I suspect the management feel guilty that they have shipped this bloke around without really checking on his safety The fans are doing what is done at the moment. There has been a trend for this sort of thing that can be traced back to Dianna !!
  7. The death of these poor men and your reaction is a symptom of what is wrong with football and our society at the moment. 1.Football players are all but commodities being shipped from one place to another, its all about the money, the person isn't really important. The fact that they players/agents have to dress everything up to be seen as a wonderful over the top 'jet set lifestyle' while actually trying to save money is an inditement.- separate issue but..don't get me started on the way young men are trafficked on the dream of signing for a club and end up destitute. There was an article in the guardian yesterday about footballers wives: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/feb/02/we-took-inspiration-from-mumsnet-the-footballers-wives-support-network sorry if this doesn't work) - basically how the mighty fall very fast after the game is over. It made me think the whole football in the premier league is a load of hyped up rubbish that uses people. 2. There is a real trend at the moment for huge 'notice me' displays of emotion which may or may not be a good thing. The saddest this is that 2 blokes died and people feel that they are entitled to post words to the effect it doesn't matter because they didn't play for team A or B . We really are going to hell in a handcart, now I'm off to take my anti depressants.
  8. I’ve donated and wish you both well, looking forward to spotting you at a match or two👍
  9. Let’s hope his fishing trip doesn’t cause oafc billy issues at work. Lovely to hear from u Billy but IMO you should refrain from commenting in future. 🤐👍👍
  10. Billy, thank you for commenting, it’s good to have ‘horses mouth’ information
  11. I’ve been on the most boring course known to man today . I can hardly speak. I’m as high as a kite and not one person around me had a clue why I was sitting with a stupid grin on my face!
  12. I’ve been thinking about Opinions4u and Gordon L a lot this evening.
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