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  1. Chasing a win to stay up, Wellens brought Kundai Benyu on for the last 15 minutes. He was lucky he wasn't made to find his own way home from Northampton.
  2. Former Latic and legend Maheta Molango being mooted as the successor to Gordon Taylor as chief exec of the PFA.
  3. How anyone can given any money to support that bunch of cunts in charge is is beyond me. Get them out of the club.
  4. Cliff Byrne commuted from Scunthorpe (ish) for 18 months. The statement is laughable. It doesn't stack up to previous statements, it doesn't explain why Wheater's profile was removed from the squad page, it doesn't explain all the smoke and mirrors over the past few months. Whilst I assume this is the work of our esteemed board of directors, interesting to see Dean Cox who played under Kewell at Crawley tweet this in response.
  5. 400 odd Football League appearances. Looks like the scout nailed it.
  6. I meant the idea that athletes should be playing 9 games in 14 days, as if that is remotely healthy or sustainable.
  7. "Contract honoured." Club is fucking weird.
  8. Steve Robinson arrested over the weekend, Tommy Wright convicted of bribery today.
  9. Commercial Team: "Abdallah, we're having a meet and greet session for the fans, are you going to come?" AL: "Fuck that, they all shouted at me last time, I'm not doing that again. Send the groundsman for a laugh, see how the pricks enjoy that."
  10. Good luck to them. 4 lads putting their heads above the parapet and trying to do something about this is admirable.
  11. This thread is sickening. I've had a lifetime of games against Port Vale, Walsall, Doncaster and Shrewsbury, seemingly on repeat.
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