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  1. Not an ex-player but didn’t want to start a new thread and this is closest I could see. Does anyone have contact details for Pete Mason, ex-Beyond the Boundary editor? If so, could you message me? Cheers, Mike.
  2. I’m just hoping we’ll see a Corazzin’sBigBum at some point, given the ex-player + body part username template.
  3. Why on earth would I make things up? What would I possibly have to gain from it? Open your eyes.
  4. Ironically, the only misleading headline is your edited version, Kowenicki. Funny, that. There was no intention to mislead. The headline and the first sentence tell the whole story. To be honest, I found it quite amusing. It’s not a Pulitzer, just a quirky little piece that, unless you’re ultra-sensitive, isn’t really having a pop at the club. I went as a fan for the first time this season, yesterday. Going really well, isn’t it?
  5. Fat? And I know you’re a happy clapping, fingers in the ears, keyboard warrioring ain’t-League-Two-great kind of guy, but there’s no need to drop the capital ‘O’ in ‘Oldham’.
  6. Keegan did not read it here. I was told on Saturday and was asked to do the club a favour and keep it quiet for a while.
  7. Just want to point out that Gordy was many (brilliant) things but a mole was not one of them. The issue for me is that, after getting away with it for years, I'm no longer able to justify spending any amount of time on Latics to the powers-that-be unless it's a huge story. Even then it would probably be a push. Some may say that's not a bad thing. Duly noted on perspective/prospective (!) btw, poor from me.
  8. As Bozman says, you don't want to throw your best questions into the general section for everyone if you've got a separate interview on your own. And I thought mine were alright!
  9. Rummy - Let me be a bit clearer. The poster to whom I was replying said I was blocking people who disagreed with my opinion. When I responded that there was no opinion in the story, I meant from me. Jorvik - I do not make the news, I report on it. I did not go looking on Darren Kelly's Twitter account but when I was made aware of what was on there and the reaction to it from some (by various people) I had no choice other than to do so. PlayItLivo - I did not publish a piece on the political beliefs of any of our previous managers because I am pretty certain they kept them away from th
  10. Was at FC United's new stadium this morning with Andy Walsh. Mentioned this meeting to him and he would be more than happy to come along and speak about fan ownership and what they have achieved there. If whoever is organising this would like him to attend, give me a shout: mike.keegan@mailonline.co.uk. Cheers.
  11. Because they want the opposition to have as little time as possible to prepare for the new man, Bourney.
  12. Auburn v Alabama. Saw it live. Unbelievable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wndHAXJicPI
  13. Thanks for the feedback - both good and bad! In my defence I've never commentated on a football match before (I did sideline TV in the US last season) and stepped in as a favour to Gordon and Roy who are both top men who help the press a lot. It took a bit of getting to grips with but I felt a lot more confident as it went on and ended up really enjoying it. Gordon won't have many 60ths and he'll be back before you can say Shrewsbury away... Cheers, Mike
  14. You've rumbled me. I made it all up. Koukash has no interest in Latics or Oldham rugby. I made Chris Hamilton's comments up too. It's all a cunning, devious ploy to make people click on Latics (and rugby) stories and make us millions.
  15. Do we have to do this again? Name used was the one used by the club on the website, in the programme and on the team pic. And yes - more than happy with what was written.
  16. Bang on deyres42 - a mythbusting post if I ever saw one that will hopefully shatter some misguided agendas on here. Might be worth noting that there's already been a piece in the M.E.N. (don't think it went online) in which Chris Hamilton welcomes the interest and says he has already spoken to Dr Koukash about him taking over. His actual words were that he (Koukash) would be 'knocking at an open door'.
  17. Would you like to meet and discuss your issues with me? Because you clearly have some and I'd like to understand why. On the release clause I was told by somebody well-placed within the club there wasn't one. I have since been told that there is by someone else which is disappointing and something I've learned from. I don't make things up, as you imply and I'd be very interested in any examples you can provide to back up your comment.
  18. Come on Mike, I was specifically talking about this article being bull:censored:ted up from something that happened a while back and came to zilch. - Really? The post I saw was a dig at all local papers not being arsed with validity and accuracy and being more interested in 'how much attention they can get by doing as little as possible'. This is nonsense and is the opposite of the truth. Nobody slammed the Chron, and contrary to popular belief on here, the Chron published a seemingly more accurate story and to be honest they did a better job of reporting the "scoop". - The Chron
  19. Because they want to sell you papers and get cash for your clicks. local papers like this are not arsed about validity or accuracy, more bothered about how much attention they can get by doing as little as possible. in other words churnalism. and they're not ashamed of it either. they take you for mugs. Of course we want to sell papers - we are a business. Still waiting for the cash for clicks side of things to come through for us, unfortunately. However, your sweeping generalisation about validity or accuracy could not be further from the truth at this local paper and I'd say the same
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