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  1. Only just noticed it's a one o'clock kick off tomorrow......hope anyone else going isn't as dopey as me !!
  2. Don't go to any nowadays.....but I refuse ever so eloquently !
  3. Pidge playing on the right ? And people think he gets stick now !!
  4. Taking players for a second stint invariably ends up badly. Mike Milligan, Neil Adams, Andy Ritchie even Joe Royle were a shadow of themselves on return so to take someone who famously split opinions first time around seems extremely speculative.
  5. It's really just bad decision making.....even City lump it long when necessary.
  6. He was continuously talking to Sutton at Stalybridge last week. Just because we can't always hear in the stands doesn't mean he's silent.
  7. Not really a like ( or hate ) thing, just that a mix of players is necessary, especially at our level. I'd love a Jobbo, Barrett or Gregan but we are where we are and a Pidge or McGahey is necessary in this division.
  8. Competition for Pidge perhaps or maybe to give the option of a back 4 ?
  9. IF that's how they line up in a league match. It's pretty obvious Pidge and McGahey won't work in a three but that's the system our manager prefers. Clarke would seem the logical choice with one of them and Hart.
  10. Yes, forgot about him. So that leaves McGahey and Pidge fighting for the centre of a back 3 as I think Hart is nailed-on for the left.
  11. I don't know...but I'd guess 3-4-2-1. I'm not sure McGahey is mobile enough to play n a 3 but perhaps Adams would cover him. The 2 could be Keillor-Dunn and Dearnley with Bamboozler from the bench.
  12. Bloody hell, you'd think we'd lost the cup final ! It's a pre-season game to ease players into match fitness, let the manager run the rule over a few trialists and settle on a preferred system yet some on here apparently expected to turn over a team 2 divisions higher than us and 'cos they only won by the odd goal surmises they weren't trying !
  13. Think he'll play a back 3 of McGahey, Pidge and Hall. Jameson looked poor today and unfortunately his ability doesn't match his confidence. Curle wants defenders who just defend, not take chances bringing the ball out. I realise it was pretty hot today but Furman tired visibly ( I'd still offer him 6 months however ) but would prefer the ex-Norwich lad.
  14. Was made public by Boro but good news for us.....if he's selected ! https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/july/16072021-bahamboula-trial/
  15. Agreed the late substitutions backfired on him and Grealish should have been on earlier. I thought if we should have brought Rashford on to chase the long punts upfield when we were under pressure in the second half but overall he's done OK and conducted himself impeccably, which is more than could be said of his predecessor !
  16. Whether you agree or disagree with his opinion it's a bit drastic to stop supporting your team !! Personally I think it's gone on long enough but have no objection to it continuing.
  17. I suppose it was inevitable really. Sooner or later someone would utter an insult which could be construed as racist.
  18. Our manager said he was following a pre-season build-up programme even though he'd been playing.
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