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Black Mirror


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  • 3 weeks later...

I flat out cheered when the cop shot the reporter!


I :censored:ing hate plots which build up a locked down, über secret place where the cops/robbers spend hours planning their assault only for the story driver (reporter/brave civilian/child) to walk in and out unnoticed.


Coupled with my hatred of prolonged chase scenes where simply shooting the :censored:er in the leg will both capture them and leave them alive for questioning and it was basically the best 60 seconds of tv ever for my overly analytical / fussy brain.


Overall it was good but not great. Happy to wait for 2/4 now.



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I loved the idea, strange. I like the fact he "went through with it" so to speak.


The acting of the fringe actors i.e. the reporters, journalists, doctors and nurses just annoyed me. I thought they were crap and completely unbelievable. The bloke playing the PM was very good though.



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Bit rubbish. Terrible set-up, but implausibility isn't the main problem. The main problem was the script and the story were a lot like the half-cut conversations I hear journalists having sometimes. I was bored by it. The world doesn't work like the writer thinks it does - or else, more realistically, the writer is a bluffer and a fraud.

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I was bored senseless by the 2nd one. Nowt happened. The big rant near the end felt forced and added on, trying to be like the Movie Network. It just didn't work for me, I'd stopped caring. There were plenty of bits such as the "compliance drink" and and girl moaning about not being seen first which no doubt plenty of journo's will say "ooh - thats how it is" and "ha ha, thats satirical" - but I just didn't care for the characters at all and wanted him to kill himself when he threatened to - just to end it.


There was no explaination of why the world was in that state for a kick off.


In my opinion it tried to be clever, but wasn't.

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I enjoyed last nights, the best of the 3 in my opinion - some good performances, especially from Liam.


Good concept too.

I bet there were some squeaky bums up and down the country watching that - particularly Christmas party time!!!

Plenty of geezers checking their necks!


Enjoyed it - the series for me in this order

1st - 1st episode

2nd - 3rd episode

3rd - 2nd episode

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I'd say 3,2,1.


The 3rd one just seemed more developed than the others. I liked the 2nd one was I've read too many dystopian novels so I was happy to accept the world that was created with the bikes and stuff. As for the 1st, it was ok, probably quite accurate as to how things would pan out if Kate Middleton was kidnapped. Half the country would want Cameron to get it on with a pig to save the nation's sweetheart.

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Third one was best by miles - but then it was written by a writer rather than a moonlighting journo.


Here's another thing that bugs me about Charlie Brooker. He's a copyist, and not a very good one.


Brooker on Black Mirror: "they're all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy."


JG Ballard: "I believe in the next five minutes."


and..."I’ve moved away from science fiction but I’m still very much interested in the next five minutes."


Black Mirror is for people who can't stomach the real thing.


There. I said it.

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  • 1 year later...

I'm a massive fan of Brooker and have enjoyed all of the Black Mirror episodes. The one with the chip in the head that records everything was probably the best one but I also enjoyed the pig one. That was written at the height of a whole load of twitter campaigns, around the time when NoTW closed, there was a massive groundswell of tweets to the companies that advertised in that paper and it was only when they started pulling their adverts that Murdoch closed the paper. There were other campaigns at the time, the superinjunction ones, not just Giggs but there was a company that had been upto serious no good but the name escapes me. I thought the pig episode was reflecting on that, the power of the people via the internet to affect the inner circle of government to such an extent that the PM had no option but to do the pig.


The latest one was good, I dread to think sort of awful creature the sum of my internet ramblings would create, I'm sure my wife would not respond to the second email!

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There were points of it that I thought "I've seen this many times before" but then the twist happened and it really worked for me. I really enjoyed that and enjoyed spotting reference points.




Bioshock, Fallout 3 & New Vegas for the people chasing the main character and the flip, the way you are sympathetic to the main character at first but then have that turned around was a bit similar to Breaking Bad as you realise she isn't a character you should be sympathising with. The baying mob when she was being carried back to the house was classic Big Brother at its peak.


The shots over the final credits where it showed the scenes repeating themselves but this time you had the knowledge of what is going on really worked for me.




I enjoyed that.

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