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I know it's predictable, but when booking your trains, please go through the PlayerShare WebShop link to ensure a small bit of your fare works its way back to Latics' playing budget via PlayerShare.



If you're staying over in London, please book our hotel via the WebShop too. This is a nice little earner. I'd suggest the link below, but Late Rooms and other hotel sites can be found if you search around a little.



Including Premier Inn.





Nothing to do with PlayerShare, but getting a Bite Card will save you 20% at many station concessions, including the bar at Euston.



If you're travelling with kids, get a Family Railcard. Use the code SAVING8 to reduce the price from £28 to £20.


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I'm taking the overground from Queens Road Peckham to Canada Water, Jubilee line to Stratford, then Central to Leyton. Fancy dress: The Pope.


... traveling the orange line!! Anyhow I thought we were going to be wrestlers?

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They day travelcard at £38.25 is pretty good. Includes a zone 1-4 tube ticket and you can get any train home as long as its the same day.

You can't usually lose by going on Oyster, the combined train and travel card probably assumes you use the maximum of Zones 1-4, whereas Oyster only charges you what you use and never more than a 1-4 travel card would be.
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