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No Football League show tonight

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Here's the transcript they were going to use:


Manish "So Steve, another defeat for Peterborough today"


Steve "Well yes, you know, they clearly know where the goal is but they have problems at the back"


Manish "Yes that's eleven goals they've conceded in four games. What do you think Darren Ferguson will have said in the changing room afterwards?"


Steve "Well obviously you know he'll be disappointed. After all they've let in eleven goals in four games which isn't really going to help them get back to the championship where they belong"


Manish" Indeed. Do you think Darren Ferguson will be on the phone to his Father tonight?!"


Steve:" HA HA! Yes I expect so, Peterborough could certainly do with some words of experience from Sir Alex Ferguson at the moment, and maybe some hairdryer treatment HA HA!


Manish: "HA HA! Yes indeed I dare say you're right. Oldham move up to 16th

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Much as the show has it's limitations (getting 72 teams on air in a modest time slot is never going to please all of the people all of the time) it serves it's purpose.


Unless the public funded body called the BBC can't be arsed opening the studio up for a couple of hours.


My Sunday morning routine involves wandering downstairs an hour or two earlier than I'd like, finding the FLS on Sky+ and forwarding on 45 minutes which usually coincides with League One. I then fast forward to the Latics game. Curse at our defending or a referee. Make a coffee and get on with the rest of my weekend.


It's a precious minute that I genuinely appreciate.


I feel robbed this morning.

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