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Sadler, Gerrard, Woodland, Coleman

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Whilst these lads it could be argued were brought in as emergency cover, Should Mills, Wilson/Elokobi, Kelly, Keen come straight back in?


Kelly is captain and in the main been our leader, yet Woodland doing a different job/role deserves his place. Sadler for me last night and and Crewe played very well and shows the desire for the shirt. Gerrard and Lockwood have seen out clean sheets (aided by some poor finishing it as to be said). Coleman or Keen? Keen saves some worldies, yet he spills so many balls it's unreal.

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Kelly has to come back in, no question about that.


I'd leave the rest in while they're playing well. You can't change the back four after two clean sheets and to be fair, Wilson had been out of form for a while before injury.

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Kelly is needed, we looked lightweight and were getting bundled off the ball in midfield at times last night. I feel with Lockwood and Gerrard at the back we lack pace so I would sacrifice one of them, probably Lockwood to get Wilson back in. I'm not so impressed with Sadler, I'd get Mills back in as soon as he's fit and move Connor Brown over to the right.

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Wouldn't even have Keen as a back up now.

Coleman rest of the season with me or anybody else who can kick a ball to the halfway line on the bench as a sub .


Kelly would have to come back as we sadly miss a ball winner on the park.

The others would have to wait and fight for their places.

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If any of the back 4 is changed I will be sending Mr Holden a strongly worded tweet!


Coleman NEEDS Locky and Gerrard in front of him while he's finding his feet. They will be such a confidence boost for the young lad.


Agree with this. Coleman has looked shaky at the start of both games this week and grown into the match. It's hard to say as haven't seen Gerrard and Lockwood play together in front of a different goalie but them and the full backs are throwing themselves on the line to block shots and snuff out attacks and they are protecting Coleman well and allowing him to grow into games.

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As much as possible, it has to be a meritocracy.


If a player has played well then, barring exceptional circumstances, they are should keep their place.


At a guess I'd say that Kelly and Mills will return at the same time that Woodland and Sadler's loans will finish. If the centre back pairing keep doing their job then Wilson and Elokobi will have to wait.


As for keepers, I'd always play one of our own ahead of a loaned if at all possible. It's the best possible time to give Coleman a run in the team.

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I dunno, I'd say our strongest team with the current players when all are fit would probably be

















Maybe even drop woodland for turner...

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Whether having a young keeper behind them is ensuring that the back line take more responsibility than they normally might, I don't know but we suddenly look a right set of bastards at the back & it's great. At his age, Coleman will make mistakes that will ultimately cost goals but it's all part of his development. Another year or so and he could become a real asset for us and at the moment, I'd prefer to watch Coleman make 5 errors that he can learn from than watch Kean make 3 (if that makes sense).

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Gerrard is a free agent in summer.


Would only bring Kelly in for Woodland. Woodland looked completely different last night compared to saturday where he looked out of his depth and was chasing shadows.


Rest keep the same. Don't change a winning team. Lockwood Gerrard needed for Bradford sat.


Sadler I thought was :censored:e against Barnsley but has impressed me last couple (got a lot of stick for hoofing it on saturday from our fans but he wasn't the only one hoofing).

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