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So who here IS off to Forest tomorrow?

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Just thought I'd ask :grin:

Not been to Forest away before so I'm hopin it'll be a good experience


I'd rather be working and thats where i'll be.. which sums up how we're playing at the moment :disappointed:


Although for all you that are travelling down, they better put on a similar performance to that at Forest last season.

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I'll be there. I've managed to engineer a meeting in Nottingham in the afternoon. Hopefully the game will be a little more entertaining than Saturday. I'm sure that the atmosphere will be better!


I'm not going, so i'll be missing my 2nd game of the season after Cheltenham. I didn't go last season so I'm hoping the outcome will be the same. Tbh I think we'll get a tonking with the injuries we have and the forward line and midfield they have. A draw would be a massive bonus. Anyhow i've an exam on Thursday and can't spare the time even though I was really trying to convince myself to go on Sunday. I've decided it'll be an evening of me immersed in historic fact whilst swearing very loudly at my PC as Forest bang in their 3rd. Not going to Orient, (trains are a nightmare) Tranmere (graveyard, been 7 times seen us win once) or Bournemouth (another graveyard). Millwall and Sarfend far too expensivbe a fortnight and a week before Xmas. My next away game may not be until new year's day, but if we're still pooh it may take some justifying to shell out £24 to watch a third division match. Anyway give 'em a song for me and I hope Shez can turn it round and soon as i'm really not looking forward to seeing the League One table at 4.50pm on Saturday 24th November.

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