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  1. No organisation at the back without Clarke and Edmondson.
  2. Hamer could’ve also done a bit better by closing down the player with the ball.
  3. Nothing like him, and we’re in a more shit division 😂
  4. It seemed not, as we had our best crosser of a ball playing at full back instead of being more effective further up the pitch.
  5. Yeah, from what little time he was on he reminded me of a nippy David Beresford type winger.
  6. Anyone know if highlights of today’s FA Cup games are shown on any channel?
  7. Taylor, Hamer and Graham have all played at centre half.
  8. Need Lang up top second half. Can’t persist with no pace up there.
  9. I wouldn’t know re Indian football. However, my mate who’s a Birmingham fan knows all about his ability and Billy Big Bollocks attitude from his time there.
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