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  1. Cog needs dropping to the bench. Even we he does win the ball hes so ponderous he looses it and he struggled to close down allowing them to play out with freedom. Though pen was soft..there player initiated contact and and the uses george as a pivot then goes over. He did it a few times 2nd half and got nothing. Subs all looked decent when they came on. Sp typicall of this division that at the back Swindon were no great shakes. A decebt battling point. Better recruitment in jan and who knows...
  2. 0--1 away win written all over this (usually) But Lang seems to be on a bit of a goal scoring run and the defence have been superb recently. Too much play off talk recently - but the team have made me eat my words. Win this we have a chance. Need everyone down there backing the team. The chairman won't be going anywhere soon, we aren't Blackpool with a wealthy bloke on the board who's owed money. Fingers crossed for some luck for a change
  3. I hated it, then again it also seemed to invite a callum lang goal so every cloud and all that
  4. Superb performance. From 1 to 11. Cant fault the effort of any of them. Thought edmunson and missle really nullified them at times. Two superb goals from lang. They missed mcnulty. Their defence didnt look composed anytime someone ran at them or the ball was played into the channel. A shame that January's under investment has probably cost us a play off spot. Im no fan of the chairman not sure boycotting will lead to anything. But for tonight that was an excellent performance just hope they can recover in time for weekend
  5. You mean AL? I hope the players aren't, but looking at it critically the play off chances died after the Morecambe game
  6. Any talk of plays off should, even in jest, be banned Fully expecting us to get rolled tonight, could easily be a 3 or 4 nill job if we give up the chances we did to a poor Grimsby side. Lets hope we can keep it tight and someone can nick something for us. A draw would be a good result.
  7. What we need is an experienced lower leagues manager, who is given time and backing Not a yes man or in my opinion a manager who has spent 20 years in France. More than likely going to struggle in league 2 with its lack of talent. It' a division where being big ugly and organised works wonders. Correa's win rate % looks decent but it doesn't mean it will translate to another country's style of play and culture
  8. Obvious move also a clever one, no one in thier right mind is going to have a go at wild tomorrow
  9. Could see a repeat of the Ronnie Moore years here where season ticket sales plummet. Is anyone bother on Saturday?
  10. We are a joke of a club Im sticking to boxing from now on, im less invested in it... CBA with a season ticket we are a complete circus.. every time hope arrives - we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  11. WE are poor at the moment. Can't keep a clean sheet and powder puff in attack. While the games is fairly sedate we are usually OK but if a team ups the ante on us we don't react and eventually pressure builds and we concede. The game at Prenton Park started off a good run of form for us and with out a great save at 1-1 from your keeper we probably would have nicked it. A draw was about fair on the day. I'd shake hands on a draw now. I can't see us getting anything. Unless a bit of magic or we score from set pieces your two center half's should run the show. Scholes has persisted in played 1 up front but we don't really have the strikers for it. Callum Lang on loan from Wigan is best forward but he's one of those that's not bad as a winger or a striker - he needs a target man to play off and we only have O'Grady for that, he's done OK this season but he's slow and maybe time has caught up with him. The less said about Vera the better. The midfield can be tidy but it's lightweight and we aren't a big side physically. Our left winger is decent at making half a yard and getting a cross in but recently hasn't had much to aim form. The rest flatter to deceive but probably are not really good enough over the course of a season. A draw for us would be a decent result but i'm expecting us to get a hammering at some point with the way we are playing. Last weekends equalizer was awful allround just a punt up field and striker in acres of space but that's happened more than once this season. Scholes needs some wins and quickly - he has a few excuses at the minute but going into the summer of a poor run, what is it now? 1 win in 7 or 8 isn't good enough and could make players think twice about joining us in the summer. The fan base will be pushing for a promotion push next season - we may struggle to see it
  12. We need two up top. One of which has to be lang. Just to give us some mobility at prenton park their two center backs bossed it from open play until we got some pace on and them turned them around. when sturridge came on then they looked immobile and vulnerable to anything in the channel. Will we ever see lacovitti? One of thr worst loan signings we have ever made surely? Not fit, not names in squads and we have players who can do a job in his position. Sylla and missle dont really work as a pairing. Both want to cover same ar3a of the pitch. We are so poor going forward that i could see us on the end of a chasing unless someone can produce some magic.
  13. Did we play with 1 up front again last night?
  14. We say this every season. We need to get some wins on the board first. Get some momentum behind us and get the fans behind scholes. At the minute we are short on quality and from Finishing 13th or lower is a poor season. If we go into next season in poor form i could see us not improving and the pressure building on scholes and the chairman pulling the trigger
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