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  1. I didn't see it that way he was playing behind Rowe but was trying to work forward.... It was rubbish yet again from Dino..
  2. Fgr like to pass it around and we chased shadows in first gear for most of the first half. Like us fgr's final ball was poor and they were open at the back. Dearnly and Smith both had decent efforts. 2nf half we were a bit better at pressuring them and we score.. Dino who must be a complete clown makes the same mistake as he does most weeks and takes a striker off and leaves Rowe isolated.. they hit the bar and eventually because we have no one to hold the ball up for us get an equaliser. Probably a fair result not sure how Nepo doesn't shoot late on... But make no mistake, yet again its crap negative tactics from the manager that have cost us. Fgr were not physical, they knocked it around well but not always with end product and frequently moved into poor areas... we could have seen them off but by taking Dearnly off and not replacing him we left them room to play amd gave them time. Ive been jury out on Dino....If he went tomorrow we wouldn't miss him. Hes rubbish.
  3. Great performance - again! Partnerships really taking shape. Wheater and Piergiani won everything and Sylla was brilliant in a middle abley supported by Missile. WE bossed the middle of the park again Dearnly looked to be linking well with Rowe again - hope the injury isn't too serious he looks much better as an out and out forward than he ever did as a winger. Smith great goal again and really but for some good goal keeping second half we should have had more. Rowes ability to twist and turn and then unleash powerful shots should see him getting on the score sheet. He's not a classic latics forward 100% work rate and little end product - he will do for us. He's better than most of the other striking options we have Hopefully we can continue in this vein of form. I was surprised he brought MM on I thought it was a poor decision as 442 was working well for us but in fairness he came on and played really well.
  4. AH fair enough. I hope it get sung by many more
  5. I'm not sure myself I think it was Phoenix Nights reference... He just suddenly started singing he's drawing a dog, he's drawing a dog..Barry Owen is drawing a dog......it was a bit random but got some chuckles from the people around.
  6. Did anyone hear the Barry Owen is drawing a dog chant at Salford??? A lad in the seats just started up with it out of the blue. I don't know the lad is but i'd love him go full blast with it tonight. Think things could get fairly toxic tonight. Shutting/getting shut/having to shut/ the other stand could lead to a lot of consolidated angry voices towards the powers that be.....if they are in attendance. I can't see it being a game of much quality tonight but have to get over the lines and 3 points. We are probably not going to go down but we have had too many spells without a win this season. I'm not convinced at all by Dino but a win will at least give us some cheer during a dire season.
  7. Desire should be no where near the first 11 after Saturday. He's not a winger. Left one of weakest players (Iacovitti) exposed all game and is either offside or gives away a foul If you had a poll of latics players who are rubbish but had made more than 30 appearances he would be right near the top Dearnly has looked lively as a sub if he's fit enough i'd start him for the next 3 or 4 games give him a mini run and see what happens... I'd get rid of Hamer's long throws as well 1-0 nil away win anyone?
  8. I couldn't really tell from where I was but a couple of old blokes coming out the ground who were Macc fans said they thought it was a foul on the keeper. I still think Woods should have been able to get up and claim it and then we wouldn't be talking about it now - but that's the game and both keepers we have seem to have a mistake in them
  9. No surprise to be honest Very harsh to say it was handball - its not like he's done a John Terry and thrown himself at the ball with his hands, its hit him rolled up off his thigh and flicked his hand which is by his sides. Terrible call at the time and looks no better on replay. We always say harassing a ref doesn't get you anything but 5 Mac players ran after him and he bottled it under pressure. Ref should be sat down for a few games now that cost us a win. One we probably didn't deserve but that's another argument
  10. Red card overturned No surprise really. Terrible decision. Hits his thigh rolls on to his hand which is by his side then took ages to give it. Was like Doncaster all over again. AS for Wheater not throwing a hissy fit when sent out and going straight off - i don't have an issue with that very little to be gained by it. He's not been as good as we thought but he's better than most we have, even if he looks unfit and probably carrying a niggling injury since xmas Poor first half half Macc should have been 2 up. 5 Man midfield but Missile was for ever out of position, Nepo isn't a left back, Jones hasn't got any legs so it was a 1 man Sylla midfield - maybe why he faded 2nd half 2nd half a bit better but only because we got some corners - not real threat or plan just huff and puff - Smith our one attacking threat. New defender looked iffy early but got better and would defo rather him than Eggert in the team. Dinos comments - he knows they are s**** but can't keep calling em that so he tries to find the odd positive - next season we judge him for real. 800 away fans is a good turn out with the dross on display at moment.
  11. Jeez... That really was bad at the back. We started well probably our best for a long time pressing and getting into the last 3rd but as ever no real threat - and then down hill with the worst defensive display I have seen from latics in a good while. First goal a bit of sucker punch Maouche looking for a pen - rightly not given, ball forward number 28 who had a bit of pace and caused all kinds of grief held it up and Jervis had all the time in the world to find a shot. It looked a bit slow thought everyone near me thought Keeper should have done better. 2nd now even sure how its possible but we loose the ball from Kick off and Wheater is on his own at the back - where was Egert? Egert can go for me. He's like a bull in a china shop. Far too aggressive, always in danger of giving away a free kick away and is made of glass. Good finish form the Salford lad. The 2nd is unforgivable We did have a bit of a go back at them and I think the handball against Maouche was a bit harsh when I think it was Smith put the ball in the net. 3rd again 28 causes us problems but no one shows any will to get back and help and in the end should Zeus do better with the cross? 4 a long way from where we sit but it looked like everyone stopped Zeus came miles and then went back towards goal leaving them an easy tap in.# I can only assume Zeus was still smashed from xmas - that was one of the worst 'keeing performances I've seen for ages. He's been decent recently but that was truly awful Fage another one robbing a living. If he's a full back then so am I. He's quick that's it. I'm no fan of Desire but he took his goal well and did mange to hold up the ball a couple of times. The rest 4 outof 10 - dross Genuinely the worst latics team I have seen. One decent striker away? More like 10 players away. This league is abysmal and yet we got easily turned over by team who were non league last year. That comment by the owners that this is a squad who could compete for promotion - the delusion, the sheer arrogance to come out with that statement just boggles my head.
  12. Total disgrace keeper was not sent off. Only big call of the game and ref blew it. I dont understand the booking. Thats implying keeper has committed a foul..but it was a clear handball outside the box so a straight red surely? How can it be a booking? Baffling. Is there a rule i dont knoe about. If they hadnt booked him that would make more sense. Rubbish first half.2 right backs on the pitch but still couldn't stop them down that side. Smith is not a 10. Maouche actually improved us and linked things up a a bit 2nd half and this allowed smith to run at people and at least try and force something. Desire is non league at best and id happily never see him play again.
  13. Its whats happening. Years of mismanagement and poor on the pitch and match day product have led us to here.... Where someone is mismanaging the club again, recruitment has been dire, managers in and out, and the fans are routinely insulted by some twonk in a suit. The fans have had enough and people are walking away. Options now are for the chairman and co to try and put things right or at least improve in areas they can and with some luck people will return..but there's no guarantee or someone buys the club off them but I reckon with the way we are linked into brass bank etc and the complication there the chances are slim
  14. Dont remember many serious efforts until wilson struck.
  15. I dont know if your struggling to understand what i have posted which is entirely possible but i dont understand yours either
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