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  1. Obvious move also a clever one, no one in thier right mind is going to have a go at wild tomorrow
  2. Could see a repeat of the Ronnie Moore years here where season ticket sales plummet. Is anyone bother on Saturday?
  3. We are a joke of a club Im sticking to boxing from now on, im less invested in it... CBA with a season ticket we are a complete circus.. every time hope arrives - we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  4. WE are poor at the moment. Can't keep a clean sheet and powder puff in attack. While the games is fairly sedate we are usually OK but if a team ups the ante on us we don't react and eventually pressure builds and we concede. The game at Prenton Park started off a good run of form for us and with out a great save at 1-1 from your keeper we probably would have nicked it. A draw was about fair on the day. I'd shake hands on a draw now. I can't see us getting anything. Unless a bit of magic or we score from set pieces your two center half's should run the show. Scholes has persisted in played 1 up front but we don't really have the strikers for it. Callum Lang on loan from Wigan is best forward but he's one of those that's not bad as a winger or a striker - he needs a target man to play off and we only have O'Grady for that, he's done OK this season but he's slow and maybe time has caught up with him. The less said about Vera the better. The midfield can be tidy but it's lightweight and we aren't a big side physically. Our left winger is decent at making half a yard and getting a cross in but recently hasn't had much to aim form. The rest flatter to deceive but probably are not really good enough over the course of a season. A draw for us would be a decent result but i'm expecting us to get a hammering at some point with the way we are playing. Last weekends equalizer was awful allround just a punt up field and striker in acres of space but that's happened more than once this season. Scholes needs some wins and quickly - he has a few excuses at the minute but going into the summer of a poor run, what is it now? 1 win in 7 or 8 isn't good enough and could make players think twice about joining us in the summer. The fan base will be pushing for a promotion push next season - we may struggle to see it
  5. We need two up top. One of which has to be lang. Just to give us some mobility at prenton park their two center backs bossed it from open play until we got some pace on and them turned them around. when sturridge came on then they looked immobile and vulnerable to anything in the channel. Will we ever see lacovitti? One of thr worst loan signings we have ever made surely? Not fit, not names in squads and we have players who can do a job in his position. Sylla and missle dont really work as a pairing. Both want to cover same ar3a of the pitch. We are so poor going forward that i could see us on the end of a chasing unless someone can produce some magic.
  6. Did we play with 1 up front again last night?
  7. We say this every season. We need to get some wins on the board first. Get some momentum behind us and get the fans behind scholes. At the minute we are short on quality and from Finishing 13th or lower is a poor season. If we go into next season in poor form i could see us not improving and the pressure building on scholes and the chairman pulling the trigger
  8. "Bunn was fired for obvious reasons that the players were not playing for him?" What makes you think that? Our form at the minute is probably worse that at any time under Bunn - understandable after loosing your top goal scorer but I don't think the players not playing for Bunn was an issue. Negativity and suspect player recruitment maybe?
  9. Loosing Sturridge and poor recruitment in Jan has derailed us. I mean loosing Sturridge, young, mobile goal scored - replaced with Verra. Madness Strangely for me we seem to be playing 451 every week which might get a tune out of Jose, but at the expense of everyone else. Baxter did fine as an out and out CM at Cambridge so lets get 2 up top and bloody have a go at some one. Passing it back and sideways isn't getting us anywhere. Dearnly in his last few games looks like a player taking his first steps in the pro game. I'd play him as an out and out forward cause he's quick but not tricky but that's just me. Afolyan did OK when we got the ball into his feet but he's never a 1 up front on his own type forward again he's young maybe that will come in time. Our two most successful players this season have been Lang and Sturridge they both have quality sure, but also and this is crucial for me they had both had a season or so of football elsewhere they weren't total newbies. Bunn was doing OK with us I think we would have been higher up the league by a position or so than we are with him in charge. The Exeter performance that caused the alleged fight was annoying more than anything and its been down hill bar the odd performance ever since. Scholes hasn't shown me anything to say he's the man to get us out of the division as of yet but he's fortunate he has time on his side and he's had a good look at the players, (and maybe himself) to hopefully have an idea of what we need next season. Cambridge were not that good if we had gone for the win with 2 up top and tried to get a platform in there half we could have caused them trouble. We had a few OK moves in the first half where once we got the wide players and midfielders further forward we got some promising situations that barely happend 2nd half and I don't know why we persisted with 451. Even at 1-1 there was the whole second half to try and get 3 points but in the end ended up holding on a bit a times.
  10. Awful game. Why we keep persisting with rigid 451 is a mystery. Lang wasted behind as a deep lying forward. His game is work rate pace and aggression. So we put him some where he couldn't get involved. Should have been up top along side West ham kid. Baxter good 1st half shame he had to go off. Maouche was dire 2nd half. No fight or work rate. Too slow in posssion, nothing to aim for in attack. Terrible performance and it's become an all too familiar sight these last few weeks. Let's at least put two strikers up front for a time and see what happens we haven't got a dominant striker so let's stop asking one of them to do it and give him some help
  11. Always thought Gardner best attributes are his pace and work rate. He should be a winger for me. Got the the engine to get up and down for fun. In the middle he goes backwards to often and takes too many touches. Either that or stick him behind the main striker where he can maybe run onto flicks etc - hes goal record isn't great but he might be able to build on that if given the chance. That said I think MM is a better out and out central midfielder. He's a better more reliable passer and holds the shape of the team better - we could do with improving on them both if we want to challenge at the right end for once.
  12. Not a bad idea with Stott. I would be tempted to leave it a little while longer though. Scholes hasn't had a great start and we could do with a win just to feel like we are competing another defeat while it doesn't mean a huge deal would errode confidence. Time isnt given to managers these days and i hate for us to into nexr season on tye back of a loosing streak under scholes In hoping a few days break from bury gives the players a bit more energy and we can get on the front foot early and take 3 points
  13. To be honest Billy the incentives there are decent. Other than a reduction in ticket price I don't think there is much I would be interested in. The only incentive i use is priority for tickets to away games. My friends are latics fans in the main with free tickets, I don't use the club coach and rarely use the club shop now i'm a bit too old for a replica shirt. Only annoyance for me is the summer holiday is due to be paid in March as well. (i expect that might apply to others as well) and i was expecting/hoping season ticket renewals would be done a bit closer to the end of the season. Not the end of the world - it just seems early. cheers
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