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  1. I was thinking the same, surely if he is allowed to buy a football club with his track record there is no point in the test
  2. Usually one to wait to see new signings play for us before making judgement but we've had a pretty awful season and loaning two players that are not good enough for a team only six points higher than us in the league feels pretty bad.
  3. What a thrill to be a Latics fan when we’re only 11 points behind Forest Green some have had it shit
  4. We are third bottom of league 2, how bad does it have to get ?
  5. In today’s least surprising news Doyle scores
  6. The thirst to defend the shit show I would say is worse.
  7. His goal scoring record certainly fits our profile for a striker
  8. Thoughts: The new manager had me at hello. Banide was improving the side but Dino clearly has the passion to win fans over. How has Mills not been playing, superb today. While they were poor we played well and some nice football on show. Despite the goals we are crying out for a proper striker.
  9. Trying to think of a newly appointed manager who has turned up and been honest and said they’ll be shit
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