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  1. Hometownclub

    Transfer Rumours

    They'll fit right in here then.
  2. Hometownclub

    Ritchie Wellens

    Bun, Roads.
  3. Hometownclub

    Derby (h)

    Unless they bring the under 11's, I still think we'll be in trouble, still going though.
  4. Yep, those highlights clearly show us to be second best, looks like we've got out of jail with a point. It's going to be yet another long hard season, lets hope we can stay up.
  5. Hometownclub

    Ex players and that

    I'm surprised a player with his first touch isn't being snapped up to play at a much higher level. 😏
  6. Hometownclub

    First match

    My very first game was March 1973 v Swansea, I was 9, we won 1-0, David Shaw scored the goal at the Rochdale Road End. I'll never forget the goal as it was one of those that strikes the under side of the bar and bounces down and then in. It was a Tuesday evening game and my dad and me went in the Chaddy End, the team wore blue shirts, blue shorts and white socks, the whole experience seemed so exciting to me at that age. i suppose it helped that we won. but I was hooked from that moment on. Frizzell was manager and the team included Wood, Whittle, Shaw, Dowd, McVitie etc. It was the start of a lifelong journey watching Latics.
  7. Hometownclub

    Transfer Rumours

    In the early eighties I used to work in Chadderton. We always used to go to the Chadderton Fish Bar in the precinct for lunch, (pulled down now) always remember it being pretty decent pie, chips and gravy.
  8. Hometownclub

    RIP Opinions4u

    Very sad news, didn't know him personally but enjoyed reading his posts on here, very intelligent, rational and level headed in his posts. RIP
  9. Hometownclub

    Latics season previews

    A good and very fair assessment.
  10. Hometownclub

    Ryan Mclaughlin

    Mclaughlin summed up very well right there.
  11. Hometownclub

    18/19 Kit Launch

    I like them both.
  12. It's all about opinions, just thought Maguire gave the ball away cheaply on a few occasions.
  13. A very deserved victory for me on the balance of play, as I don't think Pickford had a save to make. aside from the softest penalty in the world. Kane was wrestled to the ground twice by their number 4, I thought that was what the VAR was for. I would definitely have Rose in for Young and Cahill for Maguire. I would possibly start Rashford for Sterling aswell depending on Alli's fitness. Overall a good win in difficult circumstances.