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  1. England Squad

    D'oh, I forgot he was Irish.
  2. Digging Around Looking For Positives

    Me too, I was only waiting on League 2, thank god we went down.
  3. England Squad

    I thought he would have called for Carl Winchester's inclusion.
  4. England Squad

    I'm not sure anyone has been unlucky really, Shelvey is a walking red card and not great either. I think Welbeck is the biggest surprise inclusion for me, he's almost permanently injured, probably a reflection on the alternatives TBH. Lallana is never fit, and you could guarantee if he was fit to start the first game he wouldn't be fit to start the second. Wilshere always likely to break down at any moment. I have no problem not taking perennial crocks. I think the squad looks desperately short of quality, especially in midfield, think we will do well to get out of the group, certainly no better than that.
  5. OWTB - What's it worth?

    Steve, as I mentioned in the predictions thread, anything I might have won can go to OWTB running costs (if you'll first just put my entry fee in for next year).
  6. Premier League Fantasy Football

    I thought I'd done pretty well, but only just squeezed into the top 10, some very good scores there.
  7. Lancashire 2015

    I agree, he's a passenger at the moment.
  8. Wellens

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised at this, given his contribution since January we should have let him leave. Unfortunately we could only know this in hindsight.
  9. League 2 joys.

    I think the current squad we have, with reasonably competent management, should be capable of staying up next season.
  10. Digging Around Looking For Positives

    I agree, I think this is the one big positive to take from the situation. Although I suppose fans of Hartlepool, Orient, Bin dippers etc etc etc thought the same. Jesus we must be capable of finishing above 2 teams in this division, surely.
  11. Official site player awards

    Goal of the season, Doyle v Rochdale for me, excellent move and brilliant first time strike.
  12. Doncaster

    I'm not surprised, our League 1 status is hanging by a thread and he must (or should) feel majorly responsible.
  13. League Two Consequences

    Absolutely spot on.
  14. Wellens

    If it left us on the brink of relegation, then yes I think they would.