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  1. Ashes 2017

    We look to be staring down a gun barrel at the moment, I agree, can't see us avoiding a 5-0 tbh.
  2. All I want for Christmas is

    I wouldn't hold your breath for to many upboats.
  3. Gerrard & Clarke.

    That's par for the course.
  4. Ashes 2017

    The finish of the match had a rather familiar look about it, if we are not careful I can see another 5-0 on the cards.
  5. Wimbledon (H)

    Very frustrating night, they came for a point and got one, we played some decent stuff and created enough chances to have won the game, but some very poor finishing cost us. Jack Byrne was excellent again and as usual pulled all the strings and ran the show. Also thought the referee was poor and very fussy.
  6. Placide

    you're right, that probably wasn't a typo.
  7. Placide

    It's not really an argument, it's just contradiction.
  8. Ex players and that

    I doubt we'll be able to compete with those deep pockets.
  9. Carlisle (A)

    I thought the 1st and 3rd were shocking goals to concede, no defending of any description going on there. The first results from 2 unchallenged headers in or on the edge of the six yard box, thought Placide might have tried to come and claim once it had been headed back across goal. The third was again an uncontested header on the edge of the six yard box. Whatever the level you play at, you will concede goals when giving opponents free headers six yards from goal.
  10. Thanks John

  11. Pitch

  12. Can't believe nobody's done this yet....

    Different types of players, I rate Palmer and think he's a very decent player at this level, but I'd take Byrne over him every day of the week, more attacking player than Palmer and far more likely to score or create goals for me.
  13. Bury (H)

    By no means a vintage performance, but an excellent 3 points when a draw would have been a fairer result on the balance of play, but as we should have won on Saturday this in some way redresses the balance. We never got our passing going and constantly gave the ball away. I think Placide is a frustrated outfield player, he spends more time out of his box than in, he is the best goalkeeper I have seen at Latics with his feet, he seems comfortable on either side as well. As has been said above, he will undoubtedly at some point cost us a goal or two, when it doesn't work or he gets caught out, but what a character he is. I had almost forgotten how much I dislike Jermaine Beckford until last night, brought it all flooding back, moaning bastard from start to finish, so glad he ended up on the losing team.