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  1. Milton Keynes (H)

    No I wasn't at that game, but you're right I'd forgot about Jan Butdz, he was very poor, now you mention it we have had some fucking shockers over the years.
  2. Milton Keynes (H)

    Cornell was as bad as I've ever seen in goal for Latics, and I'm including Dean Brill in that as well.
  3. Ernieflag at Ewood... and thoughts on rivalries

    Bloody hell, I forgot Wigun what was I thinking, absolutely hate them, if only for their unoriginality in not being able to think of a nickname of their own, tossers.
  4. Ernieflag at Ewood... and thoughts on rivalries

    First game March 1973. Dislike rather than see as rivals: Man Utd Man City I work in Manchester with many Man Utd and Man City "fans", most of whom couldn't find either ground if you gave them an A to Z. Also absolutely hate to see people walking round Oldham in United and City shirts, support you're home town team FFS. Rivalries: Tranmere, Huddersfield, Blackpool probably as they are the localish teams we've played most over the years. Also hate Millwall but that's just because they are such a horrible club with horrible fans.
  5. League 1 Activity

    Leeslover definitely, but most I'm not so sure.
  6. Bradford

    I reckon clubs must think, "that's the last straw, enough's enough" when they lose to us.
  7. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    Many a true word is spoken in jest.
  8. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    I for one have not given up on making the play offs this season, we've got to remain positive.
  9. The Story Continues

    Maybe they are anticipating him coming back.
  10. Only that some staff are now qualified to complete excel spreadsheets.
  11. This is absolutely what I'm thinking at the moment. They've stripped ever asset the club had.
  12. January transfer window

    Sleeping under the baggage carousel in Terminal 2.
  13. Predictions for today

    Brave call, hope they do but can't see it.
  14. The French Mike Dean

    The referee will be in big trouble after that. An accidental coming together with a player who he then kicks out at while on the floor, then picks himself up and sends the player off. You couldn't make it up.