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  1. I presume he said "we're shit and fans need to accept that", if his comments are deemed closer to reality than usual.
  2. David Shaw scored the first goal I ever saw at BP,, in my first ever game, aged 9 in March 1973, in a 1-0 win over Swansea. I still remember the goal vividly, as it was struck from the edge of the box, and hit the underside of the crossbar before bouncing down over the line. He had ran on to a ball over the top, and his electric pace got him their well ahead of the trailing defenders.
  3. I thought Dino came across really well in the podcast, clearly doing his best in what are very difficult circumstances.
  4. You'd hope that at some stage we will be so low that we can't get any lower, unfortunately it seems we are not there yet. 🤡
  5. I bet they're wishing they'd cancelled more (if not all) of their fixtures now, given that they have suffered no penalty for doing so.
  6. Looking at the team and the squad, I can't help thinking our best chance of survival is if another club goes to the wall, I don't see anyway we can stay up on our own merit.
  7. https://www.revolution962.com/on-air/podcasts/all-things-latics-the-podcast/episode/all-things-latics-the-podcast-episode-16/
  8. I thought the podcast was as always an excellent listen, and Pete Wild said plenty about his time at the club and the Lemsagem's. involvement from ML on team selection and involvement from ML and AL on player recruitment, hence he walked away. Can't blame him, no manager has a prayer with these idiots in charge.
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