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  1. I was pointing out to JTM that it wasn’t the worst performance of the season let alone the worst performance in (5) years. In my opinion. I wasn’t arguing about a ranking of shitness if you read it in context.
  2. In my opinion, it was the third worst performance this season so if you ignore the Mickey Mouse Cup game against Liverpool kids, I could argue it was the best of the season so far. Opinions eh?
  3. Forgive him. He’s revelling in the fact that cows fart five times more methane than kangaroos despite both eating grass. Same old Aussies, always cheating.
  4. Sorry but I take exception to your first sentence. I was talking in general terms and didn’t ask everyone in the stand what their motives or actions were so saying my points are not true is simply wrong. We agree on virtually everything else though. Moving on, I’d say good on you for the words you had with Jamie Stott. Nothing should have been aimed at him but the mob were baying at all the players regardless of how they had played or indeed, whether they had played at all. I wasn’t aware of who the club representatives who came over. Fair enough for them consoling and protecting the players but they should never have reacted like that to the crowd. The more I think of this, the more annoyed I get that the whole scenario wasn’t nipped in the bud by someone more senior at the club whether that be the Lemsagams, his Security team, manager, coaching staff, captain or senior players. They should never have been allowed to approach the crowd. You are totally right and the Club is rotten. We need change but there are plenty of threads for debating that.
  5. I guess you weren’t there then if you think it was 30 seconds? My post probably gives too much weight to booing because that’s what I was discussing. Booing, name calling, abusive language, physical abuse, stewards getting involved, fisticuffs. Lots more too so it really was a hectic 30 seconds! I never said that the booing wasn’t warranted. I booed myself. You seem to have dismissed all the rest of what was going on though as high jinks and mild histrionics. Grown men? I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the opinion though 👍
  6. Thanks. That would make sense. I read the original post too quickly and thought something had happened “today” but it was perfectly punctuated and I missed the comma 😊 I was genuinely interested and am glad I asked nicely but either way, apologies @Fanny Adams I’m getting schooled today and my reading comprehension is a bit shit. I’m probably still pissed from yesterday in fairness so I’m glad we came home by train from Leeds this morning 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Just read the GMP Tweet properly so thanks for pointing that out. Sounds like Metty’s suggested punishment may be required!
  8. Sounds like he is getting some tough love which is exactly what is needed to ensure he doesn’t repeat this, or a similar offence. Good luck to you both and I really hope that his career can recover.
  9. Forgive the new post when I could have put this in the Bradford thread but I am really surprised that the 5-10 minute period after the final whistle yesterday hasn’t been mentioned (unless I’ve missed it) on here. Apparently it has been a hot topic (piss boil) on Twitter according to my lads but that place is way too toxic for me these days. The support from Latics fans in the first half was brilliant. Loads of singing, some good natured piss taking of certain Spanish players and constant ribbing of the non-existent home support. It changed in the second half unsurprisingly and at 3-0 down, I remember thinking that I hoped the players wouldn’t come over to us at the end although if they hadn’t, we would never have heard the end of it I’m sure! For those who weren’t there, the majority of fans booed at the final whistle. For the first time in nearly 50 years, I was one of them. At Carlisle last season, I left just before the final whistle though to be fair. Despite this, every player came over with boos and cat-calls ringing in their ears. The crowd was toxic but none of them turned back. There was no applause at all but lots of hand gesturing and particularly vitriolic comments (mainly warranted). Got to be honest, if that had been me, I’d have thought “fuck you” and headed for the showers. But they came. Right to the pitch edge. Some even came to talk to fans although I think something happened with Azankpo leading to the Stewards getting involved and pulling him away from the crowd. It looked like some were trying to abduct him! The looks on the players faces and that fact that they had the balls to show a bit of defiance spoke volumes. The “People Leader” in me thought good. Hopefully you now truly understand what this Club means to those who travel across the Country to watch the team week in and week out. Maybe next time you will collectively make less mistakes, play better and at least score a fucking goal. Despite the gin (or maybe because of it), my sleep was disturbed last night mainly because I’m a father and some of those young men are the same age as my sons. The look on the faces of Wilson, Azankpo, Fage and a few others was one that I won’t forget. Enraged fans were snarling at them, calling them wankers and telling them that they’re not fit to wear the shirt. In some cases I agree, but some of those players did well yesterday (particularly Fage) and some of those getting abuse were non-playing substitutes like Jamie Stott. I say that because the whole lot of them were getting dog’s abuse. Nobody was off limits. This post is already two long but a couple of thoughts before I finish. Whatever we think about the shit show that our Club has become, consider how the players must feel about being led by a puppet manager, with influences from the owner plus his brother and the very likely sanction of being ‘banished to the Youth Team” (or worse) should they express an opinion. Finally, while I applaud the players for showing some defiance yesterday and coming over, a true leader would have said, “right lads, go halfway, clap and then head to the showers”. Clarke or Wheater or any true leader in the team would have made sure that happened. Or a real manager if we had one. To his credit, Maouche did apparently try to engage with the baying mob at the front by gesturing for them to “cam down”. Of course this had the opposite affect as it’s the equivalent of the “you ok hun?” posts on here. Anyway, I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion but would be interested to hear what others thought after yesterday seeing how the reaction after the game has barely been mentioned.
  10. I was listening to him and that Steven guy slagging off the Trust in the beer “tent” area at the FGR game. Their whole reason for the conversation seemed to be about how Darren had given fans the email addresses of certain club officials. Oblivious to the fact that those are in the public domain anyway. Good to see that he was still giving the team directions even at 3 nil down yesterday. Perhaps he will be named as the new puppet manager when Banide walks?
  11. I’m struggling to understand what any club officials from Latics could have done to be perceived as treating him badly seeing as he was there as a guest of Bradford? There would probably only have been Barry there who knew Duxbury from his time at Latics and regardless of what we some may think of Bazza, I’m sure he was a fan of Dux when he played for and led by example, one of the better teams in our recent history. He got a great reaction from Latics fans at half time so it can’t be that. Perhaps he was just playing to the home crowd in hospitality when he said that after the game and I imagine his comments drew some applause and cheers? Genuinely interested to know if he shared the real reason behind the dig if you can. Cheers
  12. Glad to hear that Matt. I did something very similar myself particularly by disappearing from OWTB for about 6 or 7 years from 2009. I was doing and saying a number of things that I wasn’t proud of and it was masking some very real personal issues from which I’m now fully recovered. Living virtually permanently in an online world whether that is on here or elsewhere can be a dangerous existence to one”s emotional wellbeing.
  13. You are right. It’s beer o’clock for us though on the 08:33 from Darlington tomorrow so you maybe confusing me with someone who gives a shit come kick off 😎😎😎
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