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  1. To be fair to Latics and the clubs in our division, League 2 can’t act in isolation from the EFL as there is still promotion and relegation to be considered. By extension, that also means factoring in The Premier League and non-League.
  2. Dino will be getting aroused at the thought of such a solid 8 man midfield 🙈🙈🙈
  3. Mine (family of four 😉) have just arrived and they are fantastic! Another great initiative from the PTB group 👏👏👏
  4. It is also against the law to drive at more than 70mph in a car on the motorway. This will be impossible to police in small companies which don’t operate in the public domain. The current Latics regime don’t have a particularly good track record with employment law nor the corporate rules of Government departments such as HMRC.
  5. I think it highly unlikely that the Legsamams will be taking a salary/ furloughed and let’s face it, they’re the only ones who will be involved in deciding who stays and who goes. Unfortunately. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Dino was not furloughed either and probably isn’t being paid. There’s something strange about his relationship with the Lemmys and it doesn’t seem to be on an employer/ employee basis. Regardless BP, ignoring the legal technicalities around the furlough scheme will be rife, particularly in football which operates to a code of its own in most dealings. There’s nothing to stop company directors talking to one another otherwise no businesses would ever reopen. Even companies where most staff are furloughed, there will be a few still working dealing with day to day matters even if the normal business activity is shut down.
  6. One of whom is extremely well endowed with a kink near the end! 🙈🙈🙈 This FACT was given to me by David Platt (Pemberton’s room mate when they were both at Crewe) one night in Tramtracks night club. I was trying to get him to sign for Latics but he was on the verge of joining Villa 😊😊😊
  7. How can you say that when we replaced Redders with the more expensive Neil McDonald? 😩😩😩
  8. There were some stories about PW at the time too. Not sure if it was all the same “incident” but football has always been a team game 👬🤷‍♀️👬
  9. One of our legends didn’t appreciate Redfearn shagging his wife apparently.
  10. The second hottest thing I ever ate was a pork and chilli salad (yes ok, I really did order a salad) in Koh Samui. It was delicious although I thought I was going to die afterwards. I actually wished I had died when I shat the thing out the following morning. Hottest thing was a Phall at The Himalayan in Oldham many years ago. I could literally feel it burning inside me two hours later so I made myself sick and I swear that steam rose when it hit the water in the bog! Enjoy your recipes everyone 🙈🙈🙈
  11. Is this your piece of investigative journalism? If so, you may want to re-investigate which legal entity bought the Lancaster Club. Brassbank or OAFC? As OAFC don’t own Boundary Park (Brassbank bought it from the Council in 2004) and as this was in effect a long-term bridging deal, I’d suggest that it probably follows that it was Brassbank who were the purchasers of the Lancaster Club. As fans, we don’t want the club to be separate from the Stadium/ land and it’s a bitter pill. Blitz and Co prefer otherwise though which is why they used Brassbank as a holding company separate from the football club. It’s logic therefore that they would do the same for the Lancaster Club. The Council bought the Lancaster Club when the scheme fell through and gave a grant to cover for their ineptitude. It therefore would seem legally correct for the sale proceeds to go to the entity that purchased it in the first place would you not agree? Maybe it was a further administrative error sending the proceeds to the wrong entity (corrected contemporaneously as you’ve noted) and if that is what AL is building his case on, then I’d suggest he has little chance of success and has been very badly advised.
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