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  1. I got 4 at £19 from Darlington to King’s Cross on the Friday afternoon which was cracking value. I used LNER website rather than Trainline and I’m sure there will be equally good prices from Newcastle, Durham and York for fellow NE exiles. Tickets for the return journey on the Sunday are not yet available though.
  2. Trains and hotels booked for a weekend away in London for 4 of us although that includes an Orient fan who joined the protest on Saturday 👍
  3. I can’t be there either as I have a prior commitment in Newcastle but middle son will be there with his Leyton Orient supporting girlfriend. Well done to you Will and all the PTB team for organising this and thank you for caring so much about our Club.
  4. I am surrounded by Newcastle season ticket holders at work every day. I wish they came with subtitles. I love telling them how lucky they are to have Mike Ashley as an owner 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Hadaway an’ shite wor Dave man. Viz is still gannin’ strong. 291 not oot.
  6. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/november/30112019-akpa-akpro-signs/
  7. Everyone on the Board is under 6 foot. Shit Creek it is then 😎😎😎
  8. So maybe the speculation isn’t far off based on what the Trust Notes (point 5) state. If (still not proven) Corney paid off the Necarcu Mortgage Debenture, the shares held as Security would have gone to him under Rights of Contribution and Subrogation. He can then do with them as he pleases and it seems they are going to the FLG. That would shaft AL well and truly. While potentially good news for us as fans, the worry for me goes back to who are the money men behind the FLG. All arrows point towards the machinations of the previous ownership and maybe why the term “nepotism” was used at the Fan’s Forum. Until we know for definite, I don’t know how anyone can say for certain that this is a good outcome. I truly hope the FLG are our white nights though. Like I say though, it’s all speculation at the juncture.
  9. Correct. Botham is the one most people miss.
  10. Don’t forget Kevin Sinfield. Thought Mike Ford too but he was never captain for England nor GB. While we are on the subject, who are the 3 England captains who played for Scunthorpe United FC?
  11. Patrick Barclay used to live on Nudger Green in Dobcross. Always been one of my favourite football journalists. Very nice bloke.
  12. Agree with that sentiment but would go further personally. For different reasons to how I feel now, the time in the top division was when I felt that Latics were no longer my Club. Yes it was great but all of a sudden, it’s was difficult, sometimes impossible to get tickets for games. Corporate Hospitality took over and things just seemed different. From feeling like we were a big family, we then had interlopers in suits and ties hoovering up the best seats. It all got a bit prawn sandwich-like. The team changed too and some of the real characters left to be replaced by what I saw as mercenaries. I’ll admit that I lost a bit of interest. The Cup runs and the couple of seasons leading up to promotion were the best days for me. Those memories and the sense of pride in my Latics will never leave me. See, it wasn’t all sweetness and light 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Probably not. This isn’t a casual homophobic reference though. One of the beauties of the English language is that the same word has a number of different meanings depending on the context.
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