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  1. I suspect that the discrepancies are more related to Brassbank’s involvement and full disclosure with regards transfer of assets.
  2. Just checked some emails which brought back a lot of memories 🤣🤣🤣 Initial Application rejected 14/11/2007 Protest March held two days* later - 16/11/2007 Council approved plans on 11/12/2007. * Shows what can be done given the inclination and, as acknowledged by the Club at the time, the power of OWTB.
  3. It was only around one month between the original rejection in late 2007 and subsequent approval. The 2008 crash was a massive part in the funding issues for the development (caused a lot of replanning after the Lookers was knocked down, including the Hilton Group withdrawing the hotel deal) but ultimately, I don’t think the timing of the Council’s about face was instrumental.
  4. Did he say when he was going to publish said discrepancies or do we still have to wait for the Brassbank Special? Would be interesting to know the facts without us all having to raise FOI requests.
  5. That was to get OMBC to change their mind about giving TTA planning permission to redevelop BP by firstly, knocking down the Lookers. I guess I’m not the only one a little embarrassed these days about my involvement in that event. As they say though, hindsight is 20/20 ☺️☺️☺️
  6. If it keeps the good doctor, @rudemedic happy then I’m all for it 🤥🤥🤥
  7. Again, pure speculation but once a mortgage debenture is called in, all assets owned by the borrower can become subject to a secured charge. If that included shares, then it is unlikely that they could be traded. The shares in OAFC will be financially worthless but intrinsic value may not be the point. As for the legal proceedings, I don’t think anyone on here has a clue what those entail. It seems fair to assume though that there has been a lot of creativity with regards to assets and ownership.
  8. Maybe @oafcmetty was just being mischievous with the comment a few pages back? He tends to be fairly well connected though normally. It would make a lot of sense to me for Corney to do this. AL seemingly has him by the balls regarding the transfer of assets around the time of the sale and so to become a large creditor of the cash-strapped man who is suing you would be a very good bargaining tool. Pure speculation of course and possibly it is an owtb fact.
  9. Those are just standard paragraphs in a mortgage debenture covering what could be captured under the floating charge. In this case, any shares of value owned by the borrower would be treated as security once the debt had been called in. I very much doubt that this would include shares in OAFC. I thought it was established a couple of weeks ago that Corney had paid off the Necarcu loan? That will potentially have given him rights of subrogation against AL which is probably all part of the claim and counterclaim going on between them in the legal proceedings.
  10. I played prop and sounds like I was a couple of years above you Singe. Steve Robinson was in the year above me. He played on the wing for the Rougheyeds. Neither him nor Tim Street have made the “notable alumni” page on Wikipedia though. Same goes for Don Young 😳😳😳
  11. You are right. Thank you for correcting my memory! 👏👏👏
  12. Larder was an absolute tool at Saddleworth. Gave me my one and only detention for, “playing table tennis without permission” 🤣🤣🤣 Eddie Barton was a sports teacher there at the same time. Pretty sure he played for Oldham too in the early eighties. Nice bloke. We did have a pretty decent rugby team though and produced some great players, particularly Mike Ford whose lad George is now starring for England at the World Cup in Japan.
  13. I’m relying on my ever-fading memory of insolvency law here but assuming that AL is the principal debtor and Corney has paid off the liability as guarantor, then he will have rights of subrogation meaning he could open up a world of pain for the owner particularly if he gets remedies after judgement. Could lead to a Statutory Demand and potentially, personal insolvency. Pure speculation on my part but I suspect this will all be part of the ongoing claim and counter-claim between various parties regarding the purchase of the Club and the extent of what that includes.
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