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  1. Go and have a look at training? I'd be starting upfront every week!!
  2. Free agent, although the comments on there aren't very complimentary
  3. Apparently the number 6 was Ben Garrity from Blackpool, not McCourt
  4. Suggestion on twitter that the Trialist is Jack McCourt (Macc)
  5. The one who played for us yesterday doesn't have tattoos, Irvine does.
  6. We're interested in George Glendon. Not sure if this is what maarms was hinting at on twitter before.
  7. According to some on twitter, Dearnley, Grant & Keillor-Dunn with our goals
  8. That Ellen White or Toni Duggan will score more goals that half the shite we've had upfront. He can bring those with him!
  9. Crewe deserved it. They were all over us and we time wasted for the last 25mins.
  10. Shrewsbury using our training facilities ahead of their game tomorrow.
  11. Ifollow commentator has it spot on re. Rowe, "it's a shame he can't pass it to someone like himself"
  12. That free-kick given against Zeus for handball happens 20+ times EVERY game, how is it all of a sudden pulled up? The officials have been, yet again, a disgrace.
  13. Is this the guy who was out of reach for most clubs willing to take the gamble coz of the money he earned as a spark?
  14. I'll let you guess who the then Stevenage manager was.
  15. Remember the last time we were up in arms about loaning another paltry team's cast offs! He was alright that Matty Palmer.
  16. Club statement https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/january/03012020-statement/ Club makes complaint to GMP.
  17. First year without a season ticket in years! Haven't attended at all this season. It wasn't intended as a "I'm not going till Abdallah fucks off" protest, more of a "it's become a fucking chore and I can spend my time better" kind of thing. Genuinely haven't missed it. Caught bits and pieces of the games on my IPTV and looks like I haven't missed much. Call me fairweather, but I'd be first back through the door if there was a bit of decent recruitment, or it looked like we were on the up rather than the slide.
  18. He's off feeding the world, letting them know it's Chris Miss time.
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