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there will be a signing today

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Never heard of another fleming - in fact, i think the name has officially been banned from ever being used again in football... especially for goalkeepers.






Either . Fleming. Yantoro or Kieran Lee.



Murray has gone to Shrews i think.

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My guess is flemming - only reason being he the only one we know as fact we have approached. For the Crewe amanager to say "he's signing for oldham" and two days later we are signing someone, I'd be surprised if it wasn't him.


I hope it is too.

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Paul Scholes... he's sacked off the idea of a Chumpions League Final and come to Oldham instead as he is soooo excited at the prospect of playing Rochdale as all the other Olddale or Rocham fans are he just didnt want to risk missing out, just incase! My friends dogs, breeders grandma is bessie mates with Mick Wadsworth said he didnt want to risk long term injury in such a meaningless game... You heard it here first! ALLEDGEDLY!


SCHOLESY.... SCHOLESY!!! :bluearmy:

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O dear OS says paper work is in progress.



We all know what that means.




Agent: Mr Hardy?




Agent: My players needs to nip to the loo and i need to make a phonecall


Hardy: Ok yes fine we will wait


Agent: (outside) F*ck this were out of here

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Guest oa_exile
I hope its Lisa Fleming - from the USA...



EDIT: Arrrgh - bloody pic now working! Looky here... Lisa Fleming


If your going to post up a pickie at least make sure it's "A gud un" :)



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