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Chris Porter

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hes back to show he loves the club and wants to repay us to boost our chances. Haining is coming back aswell as he cant settle in the area

I was merely deeply sceptical when you said Porter, but I knew you were having us on when you said Haining. Shez didn’t want him for anything more than back up when he was offered a contract, and I can’t imagine that playing against cloggers on Caledonian swamps has put the spring back into his step.

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I hear Michael Clegg can't settle....



Where is Clegg these days. Can’t believe we were paying him £4,000 a week basic.


Is David Lee still playing football/waddling around the pitch passing the ball to the opposition?


I’d bring back Barry PrenderVille me. Let him take a few free kicks.

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I know Porter is a hated man for what he did (myself included in that) however what if he did come back and score 20 goals and got us promoted?


Would all be forgiven? <_<


Would it :censored:


To be honest, I have nothing against the guy, as long as he stays as far away from Boundary Park as possible. And I can blissfully forget he ever existed. If he ever steps back at BP, no matter what the context, he will get both barrels from me.


If we could have just got some money from him, it would have saved us all at least 3 pointless corney rants about money and attendances - for that pain, he will never be forgiven... :wink:

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