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Game off !

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A joke of a decision. How often are pitch inspections made at 11am ahead of a 7.45pm kick off?


That pitch will be fine later. Stinks of bull:censored: and Chesterfield needing new players is obviously the big play in this decision.



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Chesterfield Fans:


Posted in the other thread - I hope we are already making arrangements to look into the legality of it all; surely it contravenes a league rule somewhere?


I mean, these alleged 2 new players won't have been registered Chesterfield players as of today; so how can they then rock up & play in a re-arranged game when they were not available for the original fixture??


Seething at the cancellation as it is - them singing players only adds to it really


:ranting: :ranting: :ranting: :ranting: :ranting:

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I reckon we must have done something similar in the past.


Can't think of when we've postponed a match , or encouraged a match to be postponed more accurately, for 24 , 48 or 72 hrs and then brought in a new signing to play in rearranged fixture.


There'll be instances of new players when a game has been replayed a while later but that's surely different.

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