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  1. 1. Should Terry have been sacked?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Who should have taken the decision?

    • Capello
    • The FA
    • Joint decision
  3. 3. Who should now be the captain?

    • Gerrard
    • Parker
    • Hart
    • Ferdinand
    • Lampard
    • Rooney
    • Terry should be reinstated
    • Other
  4. 4. Should Terry go to Euro 2012?

    • Yes
    • No

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My take on this is that the decision should have been Capello's in the first place and not the FA's - why pay someone £6m a year and not allow him to take and live by his own decisions. Good on him for speaking up - he's been completely undermined.


Please don't let this turn into a thread about how England are rubbish/overhyped/boring etc.

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Yes, he should have been relieved of the captaincy.


Capello should have been the one to take the decision.


Capello should have kept his gob shut once it was taken out of his hands.


No, Terry shouldn't go to the Euros. Mainly because he's not good enough. Although 15 or 16 others will go who also fit in to that category.

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Yes, he should have been relieved of the captaincy.


It should have been a joint decision, but in the event of disagreement the FA should have the final say. Capello is paid for results so of course he's going to stand up for players he thinks will help; by definition his role involves thinking short term, and the FA have to see the bigger picture and judge the impact to the reputation of the England team.


I don't have a strong view on who should be captain — I voted Parker only as he combines a solid appearance record and reasonable experience (Gerrard is still recovering from injury).


And Terry should not go to the finals, but not because of the upcoming trial. He shouldn't go because he's not in great form, and secondarily because it may cause more disharmony in the squad.

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He should never have been captain again in the first place


innocent until proven guilty! its the law and should have been dealt with in that fashion


The FA should have spoken to Cappelo first


and no he shouldnt be at the Euros's


Hart is the youngest yes, but he is not injury prone and likley to play at the very top level and be first name on the team sheet for the next 10 years- obvious choice for new captain either way


surley Cappelo breached his contract when he spoke on Italian TV, either way he should have kept his mouth shut!


maybe one of the questions should be, should Cappelo be going to the Euros? personally i dont think it will make any difference

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On the principle that you are innocent till proven guilty then I don't think he should have been sacked


He's good but far from indispensible he got torn to pieces by the Germans in the last world cup and it should have been Capello's decision he has been undermined. Capello should consult the other memebers of the squad before he decides if he goes or not in confidence and if any other players feel uncomfortable then he shouldn't, go if they back him unanimously then he goes.


Without turning it into the how england are rubbish/boring/etc this is going to run and run in the media and will not help Englands plight one little bit it would helped everyone if this was to be sorted before the euros. Ive gone for Gerrard to be Captain on current form but would happily give it Parker if not the only 2 candidates worth considering.

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Colossal bellend he may be, but those saying he should not go due to ability or form need to look at other centre backs able to play for England.


Like it or not, he's nigh on first on the teamsheet.

I disagree & don't think he is at all.


He isn't a ball-playing defender. He lacks pace. His form this season is average to poor and personality wise; he's a grade A :censored:-tard.


When fit; I rate Gary Cahill, Phil Jagielka & Michael Dawson as better CB's than Terry. Heck, I'd even take a buggered kneed & half fit Ledley King over him.

Cahill & Jagielka have the pace needed to cope with the very top forwards in the world, and whilst Dawson isn't rapid - he is still quicker over the turf than Terry. All 3 of those are more comfortable on the ball than Terry, especially Jagielka who has played 4 or 5 seasons as a Central Midfielder. All 3 still have the never say die attitude & body on the line mentality that Terry is famed for, and none of them have drunken 9/11 mocking, team-mate's girlfriend shagging or racism incidents in their back-catalogue of feck-up's.


Terry is the focal point of all that is wrong / has been wrong with the National Side. I want him nowhere near the side; jointly to do with ability & personality.


As for Captain, The only real chioce for me is Scott Parker IMO. And that in itself shows how fecked we are!

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Managers that have picked John Terry: Eriksson, McClaren, Capello, Villas Boas, Mourinho, Hiddink, Grant, Ranieri.

Managers who have not picked John Terry: Stallone.


I can't think any of them don't think of him as a dickhead, but let's not let that cloud over his actual footballing ability, which is up their with our best. Whether that is very good, is another matter.

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I don't think anyone would say he's never been any good, just that he isn't international class at the moment.

What he said /\


His time has been & gone - just like 3/4's of the bloody squad.

He isn't the player he was 5/6/7 years ago. And lets be honest here; even at his absolute best, he was found out to be not in the world-class bracket.


Now as OldhamSheridan's stating the bleeding obvious post clearly shows, plenty of managers have picked & continue to pick him. I would say that at club level; a large chunk of that is down to the "Mr Chelsea" persona he's made for himself, I doubt a new (& young) manager like Villas-Boas would want to alienate the fans straight away by dropping or selling Terry. That status though has been build up over a long period of years. I would wager if Chelsea were to sign the John Terry of today's ability, the fans would be so taken with him.


He's past it. The whole England team is past it.

Germany had a similar situation a few years back. They did the correct thing and stopped picking players on what they had done, and moved to a selection of players who were producing in the here & now; and also supplemented them with real prospects from the successful U21 side. That re-modelled side was the one that ripped our group of has been's & past it's a new asshole at the last tournament.


Terry, on current form, shouldn't make the starting X1. On that basis alone, how can he be Captain? Add into his :censored:e form all his off-field crap; and how anyone can think he should be Captain of the side is just beyond me.

But, as OldhamSheridan says, I'm no manager eh?

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Completely undermined, good on him.

If the top bosses at my place suspended someone from my team from part of their responsibilities for the sake of the company's reputation, and I went to the Press and called them :censored: for it, I dare say I would be invited to, "resign," as well.

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Someone who's English (or at least speaks English), someone with a bit of personality who the nation can get behind and someone with a fairly decent record of playing attractive, successful football is what I'd go for.


Ian Holloway would be my choice, but hasn't got a chance. I'd settle for Redknapp...

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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is 2-1 favourite to succeed Fabio Capello as the next permanent England manager.


Other odds: Roy Hodgson 6-1, Jose Mourinho 6-1, Alan Pardew 8-1, Martin O'Neill 10-1, Arsene Wenger 14-1, Stuart Pearce 16-1, Guus Hiddink 16-1, Gareth Southgate 16-1, Sam Allardyce 25-1, David Beckham 25-1, Glenn Hoddle 50-1, Alan Shearer 50-1.



Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1lp6Zhy36


Fabio Capello's shock exit has created a vacancy for an England manager, just four months away from the start of Euro 2012.


Unlike when Capello was offered £6million a year to clear up the mess left by Steve McClaren, the Football Association do at least have options - and some of them are even English.




Ticks all the boxes; English, managed in the Champions League, won trophies, plays attractive football and has done so with Tottenham thanks to a core of English players, including captaincy candidate Scott Parker. Has to be the overwhelming favourite.




Was strongly fancied to replace Capello following the 2010 World Cup. However, before the FA made their decision, Hodgson plumped for an ill-fated spell with Liverpool. Now at West Brom, Hodgson has vast managerial experience and would be viewed as a safe pair of hands.




After difficult spells at Charlton and Southampton, Pardew has re-established his reputation at Newcastle. Overcome a lot of scepticism to re-establish the Magpies as a top-flight force and not yet out of contention for a Champions League place after an outstanding campaign.




Long-time coach of the England Under-21 side and confirmed as boss of the Olympic team later this year. Pearce's fierce reputation as a player took a knock when he failed to curb the excesses of Joey Barton at Manchester City. Lacks experience of the club scene but many other countries prefer to appoint from within.




Impeccable CV and perfect grasp of English. One man who would have no problem controlling the dressing-room egos. Tipped to leave Real Madrid in the summer, his fiery temperament might be a big problem for the FA, in addition to his salary demands, which are sure to be high.




Hugely respected in England and his knowledge of the domestic game clearly an advantage. In the middle of a vast rebuilding exercise at Arsenal, where some fans have turned against him, so not impossible to believe he could be prised away. Never shown any liking for the international game though.



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After difficult spells at Charlton and Southampton, Pardew has re-established his reputation at Newcastle. Overcome a lot of scepticism to re-establish the Magpies as a top-flight force and not yet out of contention for a Champions League place after an outstanding campaign.


This might be worth doing just for the look on Terry's face when he catches Pardew nailing his wife, his mother and his lawnmower in a bizarre 4-way

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