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Season ticket holders can have one ticket.

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I think the club do absolutely right to maximise revenue for this match. They will have taken a hit on offering the £10 season tickets and to be overly generous on concessions prices for this game, when there will be plenty of demand for tickets at full price makes perfect sense. I want to see long term improvements on and off the pitch for the club and only getting cash through the turnstiles will go towards doing that.

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£20 for kids is overly expensive in comparison to our normal on the day price but I understand it's supply and demand, I just hope that the kids that have sat there and watched a lot of complete :censored: this season aren't priced out of watching probably the biggest game they will have seen 'live' so far….. It's going to cost me £65 to take my two, but after dragging them there sometimes this is one I cannot let them miss. I remember the first BIG game I went to against the big boys - November 1988 v Everton, it was a night I will never forget, even though we lost…that night just galvanised my obsession even more, let's the kids whose parents stump up a score will be affected similarly, where I was in awe of Steven, Stevens, Sharp, Southall, Cottee et al I hope their £20 allows them to see Gerrard, Reina, Suarez (spit) et al…..


And of course the £10 Season Ticket has been a fantastic offer, I just hope the goodwill isn't lost by cashing in…..


But I don't blame the club one jot for cashing in, we need the money and I reckon we could sell out the ground 2 1/2 times over for this. Yes they've been :censored: for the last 5 years or so but at the end of the day we are playing the 5 time European Champions and a club domestically is only second to Man Utd and only because of United's whirlwind patch of the last 20 years.

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