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Ticket office - f**king joke

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My mate has just been down with one season ticket and bought two tickets, ones for my son. She bought it and gave him two tickets. His son doesnt go,hes basicaly used the £10 season ticket to buy an adult. Hes not bothering on saturday now.


Why say one thing and do the other?

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A ST Voucher is a ST voucher and is treated as such, doesn't matter if you buy and Adult or Child ticket with it, never has as far as I know.

Creates an interesting situation though. If child ST are the same price next season, perhaps exiles like me should buy one, just to get dibs on tickets if a big game comes along.
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In fact i know a junior who isn't going . May try this myself this afternoon. Saves watching the match on Saturday.


Or you could just go anyway.....


Can't believe the apathy on this board sometimes. I would love to be able to see more games of the team I support.

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:OASISscarf: ......


Hope they let me in with my pizza :pizza: :pizza:


Hold your breath on that...the way it's going they may only allow food bought inside the ground in order to maximise revenue.

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