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Yet Again

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Corney Backs his manager


You may not agree with everything he does, but how anyone can question his commitment to a playing budget is beyond me.


Mvoto, Baxter, simpson, kuqi, iwlemou, croft, barnard, derbyshire


Fees for ciask, furman, montano


With our crowds and budget??



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The man is an Oldham Athletic Legend!


"Legend" gets said about so many :censored: players that have played for this club over the years because maybe they scored a goal or 2


If it wasnt for SC we would be in the :censored: and we all know it!


People may not always agree with everything he does and what he says and they may spout their opinion about hidden agendas when they dont have a clue whats really going on behind closed doors! its their opinion .......


Once again SC has stepped up! So now PD time to fight for your Job!

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#oafc have brought in two strikers on loan. Lee Barnard and Chris Iwelumo join from #saints and #watfordfc How are they playing these wages?




For 12 weeks, using some of the cup money we've got to pay them a % of their wage to keep us up is fairly realistic.

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Fairs, Fair for all the Circus the club has become and my feelings on SC are well documented, Cup run money or not Iwelumo and Barnard will not have come cheap and can't see Watford and Southampton paying all their wages.


But let's not forget before the cup run we'd brought Derbyshire in and didn't replace him for nearly 7 weeks a run that has encapsulated 9 games. 7 in the league and all winless. This should have been sorted quicker than it has been.



Having said that it was clear right at the beginning of the season that whilst there might have been a decent first XI yet again for the umpteenth season under his tenure we have been left with a rizla thin squad and had to scrap around in the window to plug gaps. These plugs though happen to be a bit better than most years.


No excuse for PD now he's got his players in. Furman will be back soon, and the like of Monty, Ivan and Simpson will recover sooner rather than later. However, if we're not going to give Winchester a chance after Sunday that's a real shame. Surely him and Mellor need to go out on loan to decent teams to get a run of games. I'll be so pissed off if they get released in the summer without getting a proper chance.


We now need a run, balls to the cup, that will take care of itself. My worry is it'll take the guys we've signed a couple of games to get back up to speed. Iwelumo hasn't played since NYD, Barnard since late November and Muzza the same. Time is not on our side if we want to put some daylight between us and the bottom 4. We HAVE to win tomorrow, no excuses...

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