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Willie Donachie

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I can't imagine Willie would take too kindly to the shenanigans of the modern day [youth] footballer....!


I remember reading - possibly in Rick Holden's autobiography - that Rick Holden once persuaded Willie of the nutritional benefits of fish & chips following a training session. I think they got as far as sitting down to eat it before he realised Rick was having him on. Innocent fun in comparison to some of the stories you hear of today. I hope he doesn't lose his job over it but if he does, he'd be the perfect experienced man to help our LJ out that's for sure!


Best of luck Willie.

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I hope it's true that Bobby Robson belted Kieron dyer round the head for asking if he could get off the team bus to get the diamond earrings he'd left in the changing room. I hope Donachie was following in that fine tradition of slapping daft sods who deserve it.

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