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future of west ham

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Sounds like a cracking deal to me. I'd be surprised if they were far out of pocket with the sale price vs £2m a year rent, and for that they get an ultra modern stadium with all the facilities. Granted they won't fill it and they'll kill Orient with cheap tickets but it should work for them. Far more marketable to new/tourist fans than the old :censored:hole anyway, which is a big thing for London clubs.

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2 million a year to rent the Olympic stadium sounds cheap or I've been living down south too long

Would depend on the details.


If it includes security / stewards / medical and keeping a big cut of the food/drink sales then I would assume it's a bargain. The devil as always is in the detail

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Man City paid around £2m a season under their previous deal based on match day income, now its about £3m a year flat rate rent. So for London it sounds quite a good deal.

If you compare to the cost of building a new stadium in London (£100m+ ?) they are pretty much quids in, in the short to medium term. London is different to the rest of the country anyway with its wealth and the move from grotty East Ham to Olympic Stadium means that they can be marketed to a much larger audience both locally, nationally and internationally. If this is handled correctly, they could end up being a force to be reckoned with.

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West ham have now sold upton park.

they are going to move into the former olympic stadium where rent will be 2 million per year.

Have they learned nothing from coventry.

They are no arsenal. No sympathy from me if it goes wrong.


Can't see how it could go wrong at that price, even with relegation.

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