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Jim Gannon ?

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Absolute clown this guy. He refused to do any interviews with sky because they wouldn't repair his sky dish

That's brilliant. He's gone up in my estimation. They piss me off as much. Actually, there's no doubt the would have repaired it, it's how much you'd be stung for that'll have been his problem. Edited by singe
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Mention here http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2009/dec/04/jim-gannon-referees-motherwell


Engineer took 9 month to repair it so he banned himself from doing interviews

Good. If a company offers you poor service why would you do anything for them? Big companies like Sky thrive off ripping people off, and treating their customers like :censored:. If they'd done me a disservice I wouldn't lift a finger to do anything in return. I'd have told them to :censored: off too.

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Guest nonaenever

A volatile character but certainly one who gets the very best out of his players - would have liked him here at some point to be honest (probably when Johnson went). Also wish County all the best - really miss those terribly drunken trips to Edgeley - used to love `em and never any mither - get back up with us ASAP please!

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