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Never really been much of a fan of SPOTY, but I've registered to vote and will try to remember to vote for him when the show starts. The game of Rugby League and its players deserve more recognition. Won't be watching SPOTY though. Not my cup of tea.


But town's most famous son? I would say Mark Owen perhaps....?

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A crying shame that Danny Philliskirk wasn't on the shortlist...

Maybe next year when he's sold for an undisclosed fee of £50,000 in January to a Premiership club and scores an hat trick to win the European Nations Cup for England.

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Personality though...


Surely this is just a common misinterpretation of the word. In professional sporting terms personality means focus, determination, self sacrifice, single mindedness, even selfishness.


Tennis isn't particularly my sport but there is no doubt at all that Andy Murray has all of those facets to his personality and equally no doubt at all that he is in the very top echelon of sportsmen that have ever come from this country.


Personality in this context doesn't mean the bloke who cracks jokes down the pub.


I'm pleased that the BBC dropped its antipathy to the second most popular spectator sport in the country and acknowledged the greatest sportsman of my lifetime and gave AP McCoy a gong.

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Really, it's somewhere between achieving excellence and doing it in a way that people like. I bet most people who signed the petition to ban Fury didn't vote. His achievement probably meant he should be in, then he rightfully got not many votes because he's a tool

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